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Jack Higbee's Snapshots

  1. Bluejay looking for Gigapanners

    Snapshot Title: Bluejay looking for Gigapanners
    Taken by: Jack Higbee

    Image: Government Plaza on April First
    Image Owner: Tom Nelson


    Bluejay on a limb.

  2. Intersection of Prayer Flags

    Snapshot Title: Intersection of Prayer Flags
    Taken by: Jack Higbee

    Image: Everest Base Camp
    Image Owner: Keith Cowing


    This is where the lines holding the flags intersect.

  3. License plate #1

    Snapshot Title: License plate #1
    Taken by: Jack Higbee

    Image: Bahraini Villas-front side 03 Oct 2009
    Image Owner: Jack Higbee


    One of several license plates visible in this shot.

  4. Looking at you

    Snapshot Title: Looking at you
    Taken by: Jack Higbee

    Image: Death Valley color 2
    Image Owner: Hal Starratt


    Two "eyes" make this section look like a face with no mouth.