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Comments on Snapshot: Dr. Nathaniel Bedford

Dr. Nathaniel Bedford

Snapshot: Dr. Nathaniel ...

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Briana Hallett
by Briana Hallett on Mar 29, 2009
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The marker near his grave indicates that "Dr. Nathaniel Bedford was born in Birmingham, England and came to Fort Pitt as a military surgeon. He became Pittsburgh's first physician. Dr. Bedford married Jane Ormsby, daughter of John Ormsby and through her, inherited land along the Monogahela River from 6th to 17th Street (now South Side but originally called Birmingham). He was active in the formation of Trinity Parish, being one of the original trustees, a member of the building committee, and on the first vestry. He was also one of the incorporators of the Pittsburgh Academy, now the University of Pittsburgh. He was an assistant burgess after Pittsburgh became a borough, and a man of great influence among the young men of the city.

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