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Comments on Snapshot: Red Pole

Red Pole

Snapshot: Red Pole

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Briana Hallett
by Briana Hallett on Mar 29, 2009
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According to the marker near this grave, "Mio-qua-coo-na-caw" or "Red Pole" is burried here. The marker reads, "The renewal of the Indian wars after the Revlolution placed in Pittsburgh in imminent danger. Red Pole, prinicipal village chief of the Shawnee was one of the signers of the Treaty of Greenville on August 3, 1795, which brought lasting peace to the frontier. In 1796 after the treaty took effect; Red Pole and his brother Blue Jacket were in Pittsburgh at Christmas, held there by the rivers closed by ice. Red Pole was taken sick, and in spite of the faithful ministrations of Dr. Nathaniel Bedford and Doctors Carmichael and Wallace, the Chief died on January 28, 1797. He was burried with great ceremony beneath an older headstone at the request of Washington's Secretary of War, James McHenry.

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    Diana Miles-Hannah Diana Miles-Hannah (June 20, 2010, 04:12PM )

    Hi Briana,

    I found your photos and gigapan with a tag of native american. I am a school library masters student at Pitt, working on a project for class which requires a local primary resource. I will give full credit to you if my group agrees to use the photo of Red Pole's grave marker. Your photo descriptions are very detailed!

    Thanks :)

    Diana Miles-Hannah