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Comments on Snapshot: The fourth plane

The fourth plane

Snapshot: The fourth plane

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Rich Gibson
by Rich Gibson on Jun 02, 2008
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I don't remember all of these planes in the airshow at the same time...is that just me? :-)

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    Randy Sargent Randy Sargent (June 02, 2008, 08:23PM )

    Actually it's a funny story .. I didn't realize when I started to take the pano that the airshow was about to start. Originally I planned to just capture the left side of the pano, facing the main Yuri's Night activities. But when the airshow started, a pile of people showed up, all clearly looking at something. So I continued the panorama around to see the runway and where the planes were flying. The gigapan didn't happen to capture any planes itself. Big thanks to Gokhan Soydan, who contributed the photos of the airplanes in the show, and to Scott Telstad, for some Photoshop magic.

    So no, there was really only one plane in the air at a time. But I like Scott's effect of putting all the planes in the panorama :-).