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Comments on Snapshot: Rosa Nautica Restaurant

Rosa Nautica Restaurant

Snapshot: Rosa Nautica R...

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Jeff Cremer
by Jeff Cremer on Aug 21, 2010
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Located in a majestic setting -a fabulous and romantic Art Nouveau construction that stands at the end of a pier-, La Rosa Náutica is an unique dining experience.

The almost 360º view of the ocean through the numerous big windows and the relaxing sound of waves breaking against the piles make you feel as if you were in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Big colonial fans, crystal flower-shaped lamps, and hanging plants complete the 1920s-style atmosphere.

The excellent cuisine is predominantly fish and seafood, prepared according to both international and Peruvian recipes by a staff of cooks lead by renowned chef Enrique Blondet. There are daily specials and set meals at good value.

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