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Parque del Amor

Snapshot: Parque del Amor

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Jeff Cremer
by Jeff Cremer on Aug 21, 2010
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Parque del Amor - Love Park is located on the cliffs of Chorrillos overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It's surrounded by walls of romantic quotes scripted in mosaic tiles and a monumental statue of two lovers embracing each other in the center of the park.

It is a on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean devoted entirely to romance.

The poet Antonio Cilloniz had lamented that "In the cities, they do not build monuments to lovers", a reaction, to all the monuments in South America (and everywhere else) devoted to those who had distinguished themselves in battle by either winning or dying.

Miraflores decided to be the exception and they opened the Parque del Amor in 1993 on Valentines day. The park features a prominent statue of two lovers in a passionate embrace over Cilloniz's very own words.

The major sculpture in the park is of "El Beso", a couple engaged in a passionate kiss. It was sculpted by Victor Delfin.

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