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Comments on Snapshot: Ahh!


Snapshot: Ahh!

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Jeff Maki
by Jeff Maki on Sep 05, 2007
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Wow, this is a sort of interesting accident--really changes the memorial when you see a head in it!?

Snapshot Comments

  1. Author
    Tom Lauwers Tom Lauwers (November 04, 2007, 04:47AM )

    Although there are occasionally grotesque results, I generally like the clones and fragments of moving objects. My favorite ones are subtle; for example, a traffic light with two lights on. The only time I stop my panorama is if I'm at a street and a truck or large bus goes by, so that I know that an entire image square will be messed up.

  2. Author
    Illah Nourbakhsh Illah Nourbakhsh (November 03, 2007, 03:59AM )

    I'd love to do a poll about these artifacts. What do people think of "clones" and human parts in these gigapan images? Art? Distraction? I personally think they add movement, in a way, to the still image. But I'm curious if people like or don't like them. The panorama-photographer can minimize them by pausing every time someone walks by, so there is some control over whether or not they exist...