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Comments on Snapshot: Winona State University Campus Mall

Winona State University Campus Mall

Snapshot: Winona State U...

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WSU News
by WSU News on Oct 29, 2009
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Formerly Howell Hall, the center of Winona State University's campus is now dominated by a wide "greenspace" known as the Campus Mall. A decade ago, streets went through campus and students dodged between moving and parked cars as they moved from building to building. Through the vision of former WSU President Darrell Krueger, resources from private donors, and the expertise of WSU's Grounds Crew, the campus mall will soon have a beautiful natural area, with large sculptures, trees, shrubs, flower gardens, benches, a fountain, and a small stream and pond. The focal point of the Mall is in the round "Founder's Quotes" placement in front of the library, which features the historic words of some of the founders of the university, etched in stainless steel.

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