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Osman Sabit

To Whom It may concern:

As an advanced level photographer, I have been taking photographs of industrial buildings since 1986. At the beginning, I mostly used Canon EOS 650 and then Canon Powershot G3 cameras to get the maximum output in projects (The sample 01-04 was taken with Canon Powershot G3 and The sample 05-06 was taken with Canon EOS 350 D). I always intended to be a part in bigger projects and I achieved this by means of my sole aim that has always been to complete the projects on time and with distinct success. As a result of this, I succeeded in more difficult tasks, which were taking photographs of a bigger buildings when compared to my first projects, with using Canon EOS 650 attached with Sigma 14 mm.. (The sample 07-13 was taken with Canon EOS 650 with Sigma 14 mm) Therefore, I simply attracted to the charm and magic behind the wide angle shots as I was figuring out that wide angle shots were not always suitable for fulfilling some tasks. Later on, my purpose became to improve and progress my ability in panoramic photography and as consequences of my research, I experimented panoramic shots with Horizon (The sample 14-24 was taken with Horizon). Hence, my excitement for panoramic shots became high as I was experimenting it. During the same time, I was awarded for another project which required panoramic shots, and I succeeded in this project with rental Noblex (The sample 21-24 was taken with Noblex). In the mean time, I started to research to find out the existence of practical systems that may be similar to the Noblex wide angels with digital ability so as result of it, I have found your web site. I was very happy because I became close to my next target, and at least I had acquired the information I had been looking for. However, I found out that deadline for application was too soon. I was about to on my way to airport for completing another project and I worried that I could miss the opportunity and therefore I became a member. I simply did not have time to organize and prepare my archive and sent them to you at that time, because I could miss the flight. Back from my travel, I prepared my works and I kindly here present them to your further views. By your conformity and consent, I am looking forward with a great excitement to take photographs of Natural and Historic beauties of Turkey with your excellent and superior system.

Yours Sincerely

Osman Sabit



Gigapan Groups

Member since Oct 17, 2007
Basic Level

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