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Eric Franckson

Eric Franckson

After studies of webmaster, I create with a friend my own company in 2004: Neo media which will become in 2007 Neo Media Creative sprl.
www.neo-media.be Will open in a new tab or window
Quickly, we are specialized in virtual visits.
At first exclusively for the real-estate, we then extended in cities, so realizing virtual visits of whole cities which we can see on www.villevirtuelle.eu Will open in a new tab or window
Today, Neo-Media Creative is a very active company (society) in Belgium in the domains of the Internet and the virtual visits.
Fascinated by the panoramic catch of sight, I do not hesitate seek for unusual or original places to put my camera.
Thanks to the fact of having begun with the real-estate, I have receipt a big experience in the panoramic catch of sight.
For several years now, I travel Belgium to photograph the main cities and the points of view. Our current goal is to spread us in all Europe.



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