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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Joseph Saracino Joseph Saracino
Posted: Sep 30, 2012

Topic: Embedding / Embedding Sample Code -- fullscreen, snapshots, large views

Hi Everyone —

I’ve made a few more changes to the checked in code on github:
1. Support for a map view that displays an overlay of the FOV.
2. Moved most of the support files under a single directory to make installation less cluttered

Here’s an example:
http://saracino.com/gigapan-embedlarge/gigapan…. .
The map toggle is at the bottom right, under the image details.

— Joe

Socialeventshots Socialeventshot...
Posted: Sep 29, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Auto focus not working with Gigapan pro auto trigger

Hey there guys,

Wondering if anyone has come up against a similar problem to what I’m having at the minute.

When I set both camera and lens to Auto and take a shot manually (i.e. physically pressing down the camera button) it takes a shot no problem. But when I try and take a panorama using gigapan’s auto trigger, if fails to take the shot, despite the fact the shot is focused.

Anyone any ideas on how to fix this?

I’m a totally beginner with gigapan, so I could be overlooking something very simple! Any advice great appreciated!


Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Posted: Sep 28, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Galileo Iphone Mount

Just for thought:

A kickstarter company is bring this product to market this fall:


Its a motorized mount for an iphone, controlled by the iphone. It has pan and tilt for the phone, much like a Gigapan, but nice and small.

They claim it will be good for ‘Real Estate Virtual Reality Tours’, but the way the camera is mounted, the lens does not rotate through its entrance pupil, I do not see how they will not have lots of stitching errors on close up scenes.

They will have a software SDK for developers to create there own apps for the device, but it is not out yet.

Conceivably, one could an an accessory telephoto lens to the camera to create higher resolution panoramas http://www.macnn.com/reviews/iphone-telephoto-l…

Admittedly, the iPhone camera is nothing as nice as a good SLR, but it bright light, its not terrible, and this would make for a much lighter package to carry around than my Epic Pro and DSLR and 300mm lens…


Kenneth Wong Kenneth Wong
Posted: Sep 27, 2012

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Epic Pro Help Required

Did a little search, but couldn’t find the answer. I have 2 challenges that I am seeking some kind help with. But firstly, some background information.

Although I bought my Epic Pro a year ago, I haven’t had the time until a few days ago to play with it. On my Epic Pro, I have the ‘Extended Down Strut’ and replaced the clamp with the Really Right Stuff version. Finally I’m using a Nikon D3.

My first challenge is physical. When in landscape mode (I haven’t tried portrait yet) using a 24-70mm lens, I can tilt up high enough because the rail/clamp knob hits the LCD screen. This problem is also there when I use my 70-200mm or 200-400mm lens, but this time the camera body hits. Seems like the overall ‘height’ of the ‘swing arms’ are not long enough. Anyone else have this challenge?

My second challenge is ‘electronics’. I use ‘mirror lock’ and ‘camera feedback’. When I take single frames per position, this works perfectly. However, when I bracket, it always gives an error on the first trigger of each frame but an OK on the second, so the camera triggers twice as many times as necessary. This in turns puts the camera out of sequence. I havem’t tried mirror lock / camera feedback / bracket / multiple shots at the same time. Anyone experienced this challenge?

Thank you for your help.


blueruck blueruck
Posted: Sep 27, 2012

Topic: Photo Editors / How do you crop post Stitch?

David, Thanks for the help.

I have an macbook pro for 1TB of disk and 16B of ram, hoepfully I will have enough space when I step up to your level of shots.

David Pivin David Pivin
Posted: Sep 27, 2012

Topic: Photo Editors / How do you crop post Stitch?

Export from Stitch as Photoshop RAW. TIFF and JPG both have hard limits. Photoshop CS4, 5 or 6 will handle large sizes. I have already done a 5 Gpx export that I had printed. Hope you have some large disk for PS scratch space and lots of RAM. Photoshop exported file sent to be printed was 15GB. Out of the stitcher tool it was 119020 × 42184 pixels and was in Photoshop RAW format. A GigaPan of the finished and mounted print is at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/113711. The original pan is at http://gigapan.com/gigapans/49865. Running an iMac G7 Quad @ 3GHz with 16GB RAM and over 1TB of free disk space for scratch.


MediaPila MediaPila
Posted: Sep 25, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Complete 360x360 VR tour


blueruck blueruck
Posted: Sep 24, 2012

Topic: Photo Editors / How do you crop post Stitch?

Up until this week I had been playing around making shots that were less than 500MP and would Stitch, Export as TIFF, import into Lightroom, crop and touch up colors. This past weekend I decided to step it up and make larger pictures that were now larger than 512MP – Lightroom won’t import and I’m seeing people have similar limitations at a higher level with CS5 or CS6.

I have Purchased Aperture before I moved to Lightroom and decided to try this app. The app imports the larger files, but it hangs or crashes while I’m trying to crop or edit.

I have seen some amazing shots on this site and I know they are cropped and edited post stitch.

HOW are you guys / gals editing these large files / high MP pics?

MediaPila MediaPila
Posted: Sep 24, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Quick question re: Gigapan Pro and Tripods

Yes, you can… but.
Nivelate the tripod will be a hard work. If you dont want the head of the tripod, you can use a nivelator plate like this: Manfrotto 438 3/8 Ball Camera Leveler.
You will have a lot of problems if you try to nivelate the tripod if you dont have this.

Hope this help.


MediaPila MediaPila
Posted: Sep 24, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Complete 360x360 VR tour

Paul you have some problems. The first, block the white balance.
Second the configuration of the FOV and the nodal point is for a Nikkor 17-55 2.8 f.
All the lenses are different. If you have the same lens this info will work, but if not, you need to find the nodal point.

Is not complicate. You need to see this video:

MediaPila MediaPila
Posted: Sep 24, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / How do I get rid of this stitch error?

I have the same problem.

Luca Chemello Luca Chemello
Posted: Sep 23, 2012

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / Any experience with 5DIII or D800?

Try to chem my gigapan using Canon 5dMKII http://gigapan.com/gigapans/107807
or http://gigapan.com/gigapans/113320
and 1dMKIII http://gigapan.com/gigapans/114922

Paul Heckbert Paul Heckbert
Posted: Sep 21, 2012

Topic: Stitch / Problem 360

Paul E.: you contacted customer support and got a reply that way. You independently contacted me and got a reply that way, also. You also posted here.

For everyone else:
Paul E. didn’t say, but it appears that the PNG picture he gave a link to came from the viewer inside Stitch. Yes, we currently have a small bug that can cause the seam to be visible where the left and right edges of the image wrap around to make a 360 degree picture. There’s not currently a fix for that within Stitch, but the following might work:
In Stitch, export to TIFF.
In Photoshop (or similar) retouch or crop the left and right edges to clean them up.
Use GigaPan Upload to upload to gigapan.com.
Use web browser to geolocate your gigapan and set field of view to 360 degrees.
Use Google Earth to view.

If you try that, please let everybody know if it works. Thanks.

-Paul, GigaPan Stitch developer

bkaylor bkaylor
Posted: Sep 20, 2012

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / Any experience with 5DIII or D800?

I may be able to upgrade my camera soon and I was looking into the 5D Mark III and Nikon D800. Are any of you currently using these bodies, and if so will you describe your experience?

bkaylor bkaylor
Posted: Sep 20, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / How to create a Desktop Background Snapshot from an existing GigaPan?

The simplest method I can think of is to:
1) Open your gigapan in a photo editor.
2) Create a crop rectangle with the correct ratio (1:1.78 for 1080×1920, 1:3.56 for 1080×3840)
3) Move and re-size (maintain the correct ratio) the crop rectangle to the section you like.
4) Complete the crop
5) Use your program’s image size features to downsize/downsample the cropped image to the final pixel value, width or height, you want. If you maintained the correct ratio, then it will downsize to the correct ratio for your monitor at the reduced pixel size.

You can do this in Photoshop, Gimp (free), Irfanview (free), and many more editors. If you use one of those three I can explain the process step by step.


aschilli aschilli
Posted: Sep 20, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / How to create a Desktop Background Snapshot from an existing GigaPan?

I would like to create a Desktop Background for my computer from an existing GigaPan. Is there any possebility to do that? Best would be like to select a region from any GigaPan, and then choose the resolution, like 1080×1920 or 1080×3840 (for two monitors). I hope, someone can help me, and sorry for my English, I come from Germany. Thanks a lot!

Paul Emous Paul Emous
Posted: Sep 19, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Complete 360x360 VR tour

Hi all,

Thanks for the information. I will re-level the Gigapan and try again.

In regards tot he Nodal Point. I have been reading about this. Can somebody give me idiot-prove (that would be for me) advise regarding how to setup it up properly? I can’t seem to find the proper information for a 5D MKII + 50mm amount of mm on the Gigapan Epic pro.


Planet Vision Planet Vision
Posted: Sep 19, 2012

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / EPIC Pro Camera Mount Vice/Clamp and Foot


Does the camera fit between the uprights. If it does, I would position it at that location regardless of whether that is the center of the lens. Gigapan is not showing the accessories on the site right now so I can’t see what you might have for the vice/clamp foot but I believe that style lets you adjust side to side.

If you are shooting gigapans at 400mm you should not see any parallax. Maybe you can test on your current rig to see how bad the offset impacts stitching but at the higher focal lengths you should be ok especially if you don’t have foreground and background together. If you have all the parts and don’t have to buy anything extra, try it at all the focal lengths and see if it works.

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Posted: Sep 18, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / How do I get rid of this stitch error?

Hi Paul,

Please look for our reply to the tech support case you submitted. Thanks.

Paul Emous Paul Emous
Posted: Sep 17, 2012

Topic: Stitch / Problem 360

I have the same problem → https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1585582/Stitchline.png

Any idea why it occurs?

I am using the latest Gigapan Stitch software (2.1.xx)

Paul Emous Paul Emous
Posted: Sep 17, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / How do I get rid of this stitch error?

I took this indoor panorama with a 50mm lens. I recalibrated the gigapan to make sure the FOV was correct. However I still get a stitch line where the end of the panoramas meet. Please have a look here → https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1585582/Stitchline.png

It also happened to me today during an outside panorama

How can I fix this?

Advise more then welcome.


Aloysious A Gruntpuddock Aloysious A Gru...
Posted: Sep 17, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Complete 360x360 VR tour

“Regarding Nodal point: I am not concerned about this at the moment. As long as the stitch errors are minimal I am happy.”

You can ignore the nodal point as long as everything you shoot is far away from the camera.

When indoors you must get it right or you WILL get stitching errors.

Phil Hotten Phil Hotten
Posted: Sep 16, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Complete 360x360 VR tour

I have also found that if the gigapan is slightly off level the effect can be quite bad.

I use Giga Stitch, strangely enough I have found it to be the better of all the options.

Art Pollard Art Pollard
Posted: Sep 16, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Remote Trigger ....

I’d like to be able to use the remote trigger to take individual shots of the panorama. Optimally, when the trigger’s switch is shut, I’d like the Gigapan to take pictures like normal. When the switch is open (and the photo/frame is finished) have the Gigapan advance to the next frame (if it isn’t already there) and then pause until the switch is closed again. This way I can make any focus adjustments needed as the shooting progresses.

Is there a way to do this? It seems as if the remote trigger is only good for starting a panorama — not doing a frame by frame shot sequence. I don’t have much use for using a remote trigger to start the panorama but I really would love to see a way that I can control the Gigapan unit on a frame by frame basis.

Is there a way that this could be put into a firmware upgrade? Or, is this already there and I just mis-read the manual somehow? Is there anyone else out there that would like to see this?


Paul Emous Paul Emous
Posted: Sep 16, 2012

Topic: General Gigapanning / Complete 360x360 VR tour

And from another point → http://gigapan.com/gigapans/114465

Suggestions are welcome!