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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
BeckyLeung BeckyLeung
Posted: Aug 27, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Public Profiles - missing information

Hello all,

We really appreciate all your responses and take them very seriously. Your feedback is valuable and we will continually share with our internal team.

Regarding nofollow, we have our team working on this. The reason we do use the nofollow property is to protect against spamming on our site. There are people who are continually trying to advertise all sorts of unrelated goods, etc. through gigapan.com and the nofollow slows their success rates. However, we agree that there should be the ability for members to offer more connected information from an image detail page and definitely from their own profile pages.

We also agree with Jason that we need to re-include the stats on profile pages. We will work on getting this back in the new future.

We also have tickets related to the bug that limits featured gigapans. We certainly don’t want to be limiting this!

Thank you again for your honest feedback!

Becky Leung

David Pivin David Pivin
Posted: Aug 27, 2013

Topic: Stitch / diagonal mess on first stitch


Perhaps not setting the rows & columns to match the way you took your 90 photos. The default setting in Stitch is 5 rows, but I am guessing your 90 is 3 rows by 30 wide. In the stitching notes I see it was done with 5 (default) rows by 18 columns.

You can edit the Description field to have anything you like and change it also after uploading. I don’t believe you can edit the stitcher notes at any time.


Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Posted: Aug 27, 2013

Topic: Embedding / Embed - Image Attribution

Wow, Jenny, thank you for the thoughtful, full reply! I am excited to hear that development is already underway on making the embeds a truly outstanding product! I am also very glad about the commitment and follow through to improvements to the Gigapan.com product.

I can envision, if there was the potential for image creators to receive some compensation for their hard work through print sales or if there was some sort of commercial embed licensing arrangement, image creators would produce the highest quality, interesting content, to be spread through embeds throughout the web and making the web a more detailed beautiful place;)



Jenny Walsh Jenny Walsh
Posted: Aug 27, 2013

Topic: Embedding / Embed - Image Attribution

Jason, Thanks so much for your comments. We are very much in agreement and all of what you outline as important features to include in our embedded viewer are either in development as we speak or targeted in our feature tracking tool. If you take a look at our viewer that originates from the mobile iOS app, you will get an idea of where we are headed with the embedded viewers. Here is an example: www.gigapan.com/mobile/iOS/1.0/?is-nav-enabled=….

I am quick to point out that we are not finished and have learned more since we launched this example version. It’s just an example of some of what we are working on. The embedded viewer we will launch for all new embedded images (or for members who would like to refresh their existing embeds) will include features of this example along with the design of the viewer we recently updated on gigapan.com. Main features will include:
- linking to the specific image detail page and not the Gigapan homepage (in example);
- inclusion of the photographer’s name, linked to his profile page;
- abbreviated description display with a link to for the full detail page information;
- the print button so that members can market their images from any location outside of gigapan.com (in example);
- social media sharing links (in example);
- and snapshots.

We also hope to improve the size of the embedded viewer as well as working to simplify access and your control of your embedded photographs.

We will launch this new embedded version as HTML5 only but will not limit or affect images currently embedded in the Flash/first Seadragon version. New embeds would take on the new features and members could update existing embeds at their convenience. Our goal is to offer this new embed early this fall.

Thank you again for the comments and suggestions. We completely agree!

deanroczen deanroczen
Posted: Aug 26, 2013

Topic: Stitch / diagonal mess on first stitch


My first Gigapan seemed like it was going well in the field, but when I stitched it using V 2.0 this is the result I got:


Any clues why?

On the same vein, is there an easy way to post/append the stitching notes? They seem to contain a lot of god info on how these photos were acquired.

Thanks. DeanR

Bo Gehring Bo Gehring
Posted: Aug 26, 2013

Topic: Stitch / Detailed info on overlap and blending


Where can detailed technical information on overlap and blending be found? I’m using Epic Pro and Stitcher EFX. The immediate question is whether overlap can intentionally set to exceed 75%. And would the autopano GIGA stitching software give more technical control for this kind of thing than Stitcher? Any advice would be appreciated.


Bo Gehring

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Posted: Aug 26, 2013

Topic: Products / New Gigapan Field Backpack

This is a good-looking item but postage from the US is prohibitively expensive.

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / what lens would you choose?

Another idea, (albeit one which I have not yet tried) is to use, say, a good 150mm prime lens coupled with a quality 2x converter. In theory a rear-fitting converter will reduce your aperture, and in so doing, increase your DOF. (front-fitting converters dont change the aperture)

Gerhard Korts Gerhard Korts
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: Stitch / Stitching Issues

Made my first pano yesterday, 9 columms, 3 rows, after stitching I got no pano but 9 columms. I have no idea what happend or what did I wrong.
Update: I went through the stitch notes and found only a vertical overlapping. According to the manual there is only the overlapping percentage to choose. You find me adviceless.

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Public Profiles - missing information

About rel=‘nofollow’

Read about ‘nofollow’ here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nofollow

how Google treats ‘nofollow’ here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/96…

and why it is not a good precedent here: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/13-reasons-w…

Re-posting the articles points here:

The NoFollow link attribute (rel=”nofollow”) was originally created to block search engines from following links in blog comments, due to the amount of blog comment spamming.

The theory is that if spammers are spamming in blog comments to get better SEO and anchored links for their sites, NoFollow would render such spam useless. Problem is, spammers still spam.

Now, NoFollow has been adopted beyond blog comments. Wikipedia is now using NoFollow for external links and Google recommends that paid links use a NoFollow attribute.

Here are 13 reasons why NoFollow is a failure.

1. NoFollow = NoWorky. Using NoFollow in blog comments, the original intent of the tag, does nothing to discourage comment spammers. Using other anti-spamming tools such as question, math and plugins such as Akismet and SpamKarma for WordPress is much more effective.

2. If a blogger moderates comments, there is no need for a NoFollow attribute. “Everyone who passes a human inspection should get the link love.”

3. Since the use of NoFollow in comments on WordPress blogs is default, many bloggers do not even realize they are using NoFollow.

4. NoFollow=NoValue. Why use NoFollow on sites, text ads, and blogs if there is no value in terms of search engine indexing? What if they made the Yahoo! directory nofollow? Would anyone continue to purchase listings? Obviously the value of that directory would be zero of nofollow tags were applied to the listings.

5. Linking to someone with a NoFollow attribute is a sign of not trusting them. It’s like reaching to shake someone’s hand, but stopping to put on a pair of latex gloves.

6. No Follow sucks because the search engines (particularly Google) can’t make up their mind about when and how it should be used, thus causing confusion among inexperienced webmasters who do STUPID things like No Follow ALL outgoing links from their website to “protect the site from page rank leakage” and other silly ideas.

7. No-follow is a poor search engine’s solution to conceal its own failure to rank websites appropriately. What’s next, No-linking?

Search engines should be able to develop a method of identifying and devaluing links to spam sites which were placed in blog comments. Why should everyone who posts in blog comments suffer from the actions of a greedy few spammers.

8. Commenting on a blog post is the same as adding more relevant to that blog post. A thought provoking one sentence post can lead to pages of comments. If someone takes the time to help build your site’s content via posting comments, it is professional courtesy to give them some link love.

9. Putting NoFollow on Wikipedia is like putting Grey Poupon on a Spam sandwich.(Or like putting perfume on a pig.)

Taking Wikipedia to task over nofollow is fun but ultimately you need to take them to task for why they implemented nofollow in the first place – that is, to prevent spam. Which in turn means that the way Wikipedia was setup was flawed because it opened itself up to easy spamming.

Therefore, instead of just letting Wikipedia take the easy way out (because ultimately it’s an important resource for many people and replacing it would be tough), they should look at ways into changing their systems so they are not as open to spamming any more.

10. Text link advertisements which use a NoFollow make no sense. If you want to spread your Google juice, why use a link-condom?

11. Even WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg says NoFollow was a failure; “In theory this should work perfectly, but in practice although all major blogging tools did this two years ago and comment and trackback spam is still 100 times worse now. In hindsight, I don’t think nofollow had much of an effect, though I’m still glad we tried it.”

12. Search Engines follow NoFollow. Yahoo has been known to count NoFollow links as backlinks in SiteExplorer. So, if you’re goal in comment spamming to to build backlinks, which builds your site’s value in terms of selling advertising (TLA, ReviewMe, SEOmoz’s PageStrength and other metrics programs use Yahoo Backlinks as valued criteria), NoFollow is useless.

13. NoFollow Sucks. Check It!

My feelings are that if I supply a link in my profile page or on my content pages on contributions I have made to Gigapan, it should not have the rel=‘nofollow’ tag added to it. Especially on profile pages now that that is a paid subscription. Yes, I do try to promote sites I have created. Yes, I feel I should be able to do that from pages of content that I create too.

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Policy on links is "open"?

From GigapanSystems mission statement http://gigapan.blogspot.co.uk/2013_08_01_archiv…:

“1. Openness
We strive to be thought leaders and supporters of our entire industry, embracing every innovation toward the greater good, regardless of provenance.”

From Jason’s post in http://gigapan.com/forums/13/topics/570:

“[…] links we supply in our public profile page should be search engine index-able. Gigapan currently insists upon adding the dreaded search engine value killing ‘nofollow’ tag to all http: addresses anyone adds to any contributions to the Gigapan website.”

I’d say that the ability of a search engine to follow links through one site to another is a fundamental part of the openness of the internet, but it seems GS does not allow this to happen, therefore GS is not being open in this respect.

Perhaps there is a good technical reason for them doing what they do, but I can’t see it :-(

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / download my panoramas

I don’t know why this feature is not provided. Other people have certainly asked for it over the years – people who have accidentally deleted their master copies or have had hard disk crashes. Perhaps it is because they don’t want people relying on their servers? Or because downloading entire gigapans would hurt their bandwidth? Just guessing.

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / what lens would you choose?

What Mike and Glen say about compact cameras’ depth of field is correct. I would have said so myself except that this statement annoys camera geeks so much that I have got fed up with being shouted down. For the record, many of my best large gigapans were not taken with a DSLR but with a Sony H7 (an 8Mpix, x25 zoom, $250 camera, no longer made).

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Posted: Aug 25, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Public Profiles - missing information

I agree with what Jason says about not being able to see how much of a contribution people have made. I hadn’t noticed this until now because as Jason says, I have a tool on my web site for finding this information. I’d like to see GS reward people like Tom Nelson and David Engle who have been members for over four years and have made many, many contributions. Tom, for example, has made 6922 contibutions – that’s an average of 4.38 contributions a day over 1,580 days! David’s average is “only” 3.01 but over a staggering 1,885 days. I certainly think they and the many others who spend so much time on the site are due some recognition. Publishing a member’s stats on their profile page is the least that can be done.

Not only that, but a member’s stats are useful. If my attention is drawn to a member I haven’t been aware of previously, it makes a big difference to know that they have published 100 gigapans as opposed to 10; or that they haven’t contributed anything in the last two years.

I agree with what Jason says about the Featured Images feature. In fact I would say this is a bug. I have raised it as Case #17000.

I find what Jason says about nofollow tags alarming. I think this issue is worthy of its own thread: http://gigapan.com/forums/13/topics/573

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Posted: Aug 24, 2013

Topic: Embedding / Embed - Image Attribution

I would be very much motivated to allow public embedding on my Gigapan contributions if the embeds were a bit more friendly to the content creator.

As is, an embed does not provide a link to the Gigapan on the Gigapan website, nor does it show the name or username of the contributor (it is up to the person placing the embed code to provide these attributions if they should choose, but they have no requirement to do so)

Gigapan.com should please consider changing the embeds as follows:

Provide a link to the Gigapan’s image page on Gigapan – the Gigapan logo on the embed should link to the Gigapan’s image page, not to the Gigapan homepage.

The Gigapan embed should clearly show the Author’s name or username linked to their members profile page.

If this was not as a separate line as in the title right now, it could at least be as an included ‘?’ logo where a viewer could find out more information on the image.

The Gigapan embed should have a ‘Order Print’ button if the Gigapan member has made the image printable (now that there is premier and elite membership levels). This could really drive up potential sales.

Finally, there should be some stats available to the image author to be able to see how many views are occurring through embeds, click through rates to the image on Gigapan, print order rates, etc.

Now that Gigapan is offering revenue sharing for printing as well as paid membership levels, some accountability and transparency plus content creator attribution is sorely needed.

Please consider these ideas, they could help everyone’s bottom line!

Aloysious A Gruntpuddock Aloysious A Gru...
Posted: Aug 24, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Camera alignment problems resulting in rotated images

Have you tried AutopanoPro?

Free download for evaluation which produces watermarked images, but at least you will be able to see if it solves the problem.

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: Aug 24, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Public Profiles - missing information

Interesting points raised here by Jason. Gigapan would do well to consider his suggestions.

pjsg pjsg
Posted: Aug 24, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Camera alignment problems resulting in rotated images

After I shot a couple of Gigapans, I realized that the camera was not pointing straight forwards (my bad). This has resulted in the images being slightly rotated by an amount that depends on the row number.

The stitch software (even the 2.2 version) does not remove this rotation, and so the stitching is not good. I’m thinking that I will have to write some code to rotate all the images the “right” amount before the stitching will work nicely.

Does anybody have any suggestions on alternate software to use that might be able to automatically deal with this rotation issue.

As an example: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/138297 (yes, I know that it is too dark) You can see that things don’t join up quite right….


Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Posted: Aug 24, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Public Profiles - missing information

Thank you Gigapan Development Team for working to innovate your website. You have a treasure of images and enthusiastic users to make the most out of.

Upon reviewing the changes since the new tiered membership levels and public profiles came forth, I find a few things I really miss of the old functionality.

No longer is it possible to gauge another users level of engagement by visiting their directory page. It is not possible to see:

Number of Gigapans they have uploaded,
Number of snapshots they have taken,
The snapshots they have taken,
The number of comments they have made
The comments they have made,

It is no longer possible to gauge how active a user is in the community any longer. These were nice features, they are missed.

The information is out there, its in every Gigapan. Someone industrious like Kilgore661 would be able to quickly pull the information out of the database of scraped data from the api, but it should not be required to do this. The information used to be presented, now we get very little.

Please consider bringing these stats back to the profile pages. I did enjoy being able to see the snapshots and comments a user makes without exhaustively searching every Gigapan.

Also, the profile pages have a ‘Featured Images’ section which is feature lacking. With the option to display a number of featured images in a slider on our public profile, the selection of which images to ‘feature’ can only be made from the last 10 images uploaded by a user. One can click ‘edit page’ in their profile page, and then click on the choice given of the last 10 uploaded Gigapans if one would like it displayed as ‘featured’ or not. But it is not possible to select any Gigapans that are not in the group of the last 10 uploads. Who is to say that my last 10 were my best (because the were not in my case)…

On a side note, links we supply in our public profile page should be search engine index-able. Gigapan currently insists upon adding the dreaded search engine value killing ‘nofollow’ tag to all http: addresses anyone adds to any contributions to the Gigapan website. Such as on my public profile page, where Gigapan asks for my personal website address, it publicly displays this link as thus: < a target=“_blank” rel=“nofollow” href=“http://www.3d-360.com”>www.3d-360.com< /a> This rel=“nofollow” tag tells the search engine not to follow the link or give it any relevance or assign it any value from this link relationship. This is unfair of Gigapan systems. When users create a profile and post content, they are creating search engine index-able content that gives Gigapan its value. I personally feel very strongly that the owner of the content (the image posted, the public profile posted) should be able to push out at least one link per post that does not have the dreaded ‘nofollow’ tag added to it by Gigapan. This is a search engine optimization issue where Gigapan Systems is keeping all the good search engine pagerank ‘juju’ to themselves, but they are not the creators of the content (they just created the skeleton structure and the hosting apparatus). Their skeleton structure and hosting apparatus would be very rather dull and uninteresting if it was not for the content creators, so why the insistence of using the ‘nofollow’ tag??? I can understand using it when one user posts comments or snapshots onto another users image – as they are not the major content creator (although a comment is a minor content creation). If a user wishes to create their own website to market or feature their image or other related works, they should be able to link to it without having the dreaded ‘nofollow’ tag added onto the url they provide in their public profile or on the Gigapans images page. This ‘nofollow’ tag keeps the search engines from assigning any value of the link relationship. This is stingey and unfair as it is the content creator of the image that is wishing to create a web link and they can only create a link of no search engine index-able ‘value’. Limiting links without ‘nofollow’ tags added to just content that contributors contribute to should limit or eleminate any spam in the system.

I would love to see these changes considered.

lucyunsworth lucyunsworth
Posted: Aug 23, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Does the amount of zoom determine # of photos

Hi Andrea,
Thank you. After I posted I thought perhaps that question made no sense. I understand exactly what you are saying. I guess my thinking then when I go out to Monument Valley is to work with 100mm for shorter camera to subject distance and 200mm for the a slightly longer distance to take advantage of resolution.

I have the Nikon D800E which already has a monster resolution…. raw;Tiff or a shorter zoom?

Thanks so much for helping me out! I love the Panos and HDR. Really cool. I am in a very different business line… funny business. I prefer the world of nature and wildlife.


Customer Service Customer Servic...
Posted: Aug 23, 2013

Topic: Embedding / Full screen option

Hello Mosley, there is a full screen option for your embeds; you would need to use the Embed Wizard. Here is how you access it:

Log into your account and go to your Portfolio. Find the Gigapan you wish to embed and select it by clicking on it. Make sure the Gigapan is marked as “public”, as private Gigapans cannot be embedded. Underneath the panorama description, you will see a list of options: Order Print, Embed, Geolocate, Edit, Delete. Select the “Embed” button to go into the Embed Wizard.

The current Embed Wizard allows the following options:

-Hide navigation controls?
-Display panorama’s title?
-Include fullscreen?
-Include selected snapshots?
-Enter snapshot id numbers with a comma between each
-Click the snapshot to add it to the embed
-Include snapshot captions?
-Viewer width
-Viewer height

Let me know if you need further assistance.


Andrea Biffi Andrea Biffi
Posted: Aug 23, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Does the amount of zoom determine # of photos

Hi, usually # of photos is determined by lens zoom level and by the total angle of view. So if you want to use 200mm instead of 100mm, you’ll need to take more photos to capture the same angle, but you’ll obtain a better detail.
The longer is the lens the higher the resolution will be…

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Aug 22, 2013

Topic: Memberships / Updates to Memberships

Here we go…


BeckyLeung BeckyLeung
Posted: Aug 22, 2013

Topic: Memberships / New Changes to Gigapan Membership

Gigapan has made changes to its membership structure to create an accessible way for all types of Gigapan users to reap the rewards of networking opportunities, grow their businesses, participate in monetization opportunities, expand their audiences and continue to discover remarkable HD imagery from every corner of the globe and discipline.

Why change it? As Gigapan grows and expands its reach, we feel that as a member, you deserved better functionality and added opportunities to grow with us. To add certain features and create a cohesive network, we created a tiered set of membership levels that would allow everyone from enthusiasts to professionals, to take advantage of our offerings, while allowing Gigapan to deliver great features at a lower or no cost.

For more information about new membership features and details, please visit the Gigapan blog: http://gigapan.blogspot.com/2013/08/gigapan-lau… or the Gigapan Membership FAQ: http://gigapan.com/cms/frequently-asked-questio…

Thank you,

The Gigapan Team

andrascik1978 andrascik1978
Posted: Aug 21, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / download my panoramas

Why can not I download my panoramatic image from the server gigapan.com back into my computer I thought that it there will be backed up? but saw no reciprocation downloading to my computer