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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Jenny Walsh Jenny Walsh
Posted: Sep 19, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / wishlist - replace/redirect

Thank you for sending us the suggestion Mosley. You are not alone in this request. We have had a few others as well that I am aware of. I am adding this to our feature tracking tool.

As soon as we have available development time, we will dig in.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Sep 19, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / wishlist - replace/redirect

I occasionally go back and rework gigapans that I’m not satisfied with. I’d love to have a way to either replace the old version, or have the old address redirect a browser to the new version. I suspect the latter would be easier to implement.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Sep 19, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Suggestions for Reviewer

Here’s the Gigapan I was referring to. I lucked out and got a virtually windless night. Each exposure is 11 seconds.


Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Sep 19, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Suggestions for Reviewer

That’s great. I also use the 200 2.8. I just got a TC 2.0 and tried it out a couple of weeks ago on a nighttime pano that’s almost finished. Just the 310 raw files and the converted TIFFS are about 70Gb. The stitched 16 bit PSB is huge too, and is choking Photoshop on an I5 iMac with 32Gb of RAM. One thing that helps is to add an SSD and use it exclusively as a scratch drive for Photoshop, etc.

Remember that the sweet spot in terms of sharpness for the 70-200 is F8. If you use the TC 2.0, you will have to do your vignette correction in StitchEFX because Adobe doesn’t make lens profiles for lens + teleconverter. Also, depending upon the speed of your memory card, you may need to build a delay into the shutter sequence so that you don’t fill up the camera buffer and miss a shot. I generally set mine up with mirror lockup anyway, which has the side benefit of allowing extra time to empty the buffer.

It’s buried in the manual, but you can also add a flash sync cable to allow the EPIC to get feedback from the camera. That way, if you miss a shot due to a full buffer or something else, the imager knows it and will re-try the shot as many times as you tell it to.

I added the longer down struts and the Arca Swiss mounting plate to mine, but you should be OK with the stock setup.

Let me know if I can help.

Doug Kaye Doug Kaye
Posted: Sep 18, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Suggestions for Reviewer

Thanks, Mosley. Good tips. I’ll probably use a 70-200mm f/2.8. Maybe with a 2x teleconverter. (Probably try with and without.) I was able to speak with Mike Franz at GigaPan who also provided me with excellent advice. I’m not comparing it to anything other than a basic gimbal mount. The review is aimed at people who may have done some very basic panos are curious about doing them right and possibly very high-res.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Sep 17, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Suggestions for Reviewer

I use the exact same setup.

What lens are you planning to use?

I think it would help if you could tell us the general focus of the review. Are you comparing the EPIC pro to any other panorama shooting methods? Or are you taking advantage of the fact that you’ve never done this type of shooting before – a “here’s how easy it is to get started” approach?

Here are a couple of pieces of advice that are common to all types of panorama shooting:

Get a sturdy tripod

level the gigapan before you start

shoot with Manual everything – focus, exposure, white balance

shoot RAW (but be prepared for some serious file and folder sizes)

meter everything (the histogram is your friend here)

shoot more than you need. (after a pano is stitched, the edges may not be even, so you may have to crop more than you expect)

Don’t use a polarizer. the angle of the lens relative to the sun will change while shooting a wide panorama. A polarizer will ruin a blue sky.

Fit the technique to the subject. (Gigapixel shooting isn’t usually the best choice for subjects with changing light or lots of movement)

as it happens, I just gave an overview presentation on panoramic photography to my photo group (cnpa.org), so I had those points handy.

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: Sep 16, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Overlap, shooting outdoors

  • Cloudy days usually produce the best colour saturation, but if there is broken clouds, well, that causes a lot of problems with gigapans, creating light and dark patches like a chequerboard. Best to shoot on completely cloudy, or cloudless days. Or use the pause button on your gigapan till the sun or cloud cover is correct.
Doug Kaye Doug Kaye
Posted: Sep 15, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Suggestions for Reviewer

This week I’m starting work on a review of the Gigapan EPIC Pro for All About the Gear (http://goo.gl/6BmFtv), which is part of the This Week in Photo (TWiP) network. I’ll be shooting with a Nikon D800E. Having never used a Gigapan before, I’m looking for tips and suggestions from experienced users. What do you think should be in such a review? Any traps to avoid? It’s always a challenge to do a thorough review of something you’ve never used before, particularly when you only have it for a two weeks and probably can’t shoot for more than two or three days. All recommendations from the Gigapan community are welcome!

Melany Melany
Posted: Sep 15, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Overlap, shooting outdoors

I got my Gigapan Epic Pro in july and I’ve only had a chance to play with it a few times.

I haven’t messed with the overlap — that is still at the default setting. Why would you change it, and is there a time to have more or less overlap? (I’m usually outside shooting landscapes.)

From what I’ve read, it’s better to shoot on sunny/cloudless days, vs. cool/dramatic cloudy skies?

I also haven’t messed with the order of shooting, that is still at the default. Would it be better to do rows or columns?

I’ve done auto shooting, and placed it in manual mode so I can click the shutter myself. I did it when I was on auto focus and on aperture priority, but the gigapan software didn’t seem to like that, and I got the warning about turning off the vignette controls.

For those of you with experience on Gigapans and landscapes, do you have any advice for me?

Here’s a link to my profile, I’ve posted a few of my gigapans here — what do you think?

Joseph Saracino Joseph Saracino
Posted: Sep 15, 2013

Topic: Embedding / Embedding Sample Code -- fullscreen, snapshots, large views

Hi Everyone — another round of changes have been checked in:

1. The code has been updated to better support mobile devices (it adapts to both tablet and phone sizes) and uses the new gigapan.com controls.

2. The snapshot carousel has been migrated to bxslider, which is much lighter-weight and supports touch interaction. It’s also the same code used by gigapan.com.

3. It’s now possible to force use of the SeaDragon viewer always (desktop and mobile) or use the Flash viewer when appropriate (only desktop).

4. Lots of other general clean-up and refactoring.

Code has been updated at links earlier in this thread and on github: https://github.com/barneyzang/gigapan-embedlarge

Here’s another example:

— Joe

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: Sep 14, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Plugging in Spare Battery ???

I tried that, on the Epic 100, I even made myself a kind of auxillary battery connector http://www.madaru.net/gigapan.html
Some DIYers give extended battery power to their timelapse cameras by hollowing out an old battery, or making a plastic mould of the original battery, and running two wires through it. You could do the same with a gigapan, something like this http://www.blurmediaphotography.com/dslr-camera…

Jenny Walsh Jenny Walsh
Posted: Sep 12, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Next release on September 11

Here is our most recent sprint release update. http://www.gigapan.com/forums/13/topics/596 More to follow!

Jenny Walsh Jenny Walsh
Posted: Sep 12, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Sprint Release Notes


A code release for GIGAPAN.COM on Thursday, September 12 includes the following changes:

Tuned Stitcher image alignment parameters – version 2.3 released
Elite badge added to Directory listings
Added support for multiple print vendors
Print images can now be rendered as tiff as well as jpeg

Updates to error handling for Facebook Flash Player
Ensure workflow compatibility with print vendor
Moved Geolocate management tools up beside map view in Edit | Geolocate

Jenny Walsh Jenny Walsh
Posted: Sep 12, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Next release on September 11

The Gigapan development team uses a tool called Pivotal Tracker to organize our feature, bug, and chore story tracking. It is a flexible agile management tool and we use it intensively. All feature requests and bug reports that we, customer service, marketing, business development, and sales receive are entered into this tool.

The amount of information that passes through and is stored in Tracker is pretty large. For example, in an iteration, which currently runs every two weeks, an average of 38 features, 25 chores, and 47 bugs are accepted. As of today, over the past 30 days, we’ve accepted 66 stories, delivered 26, finished 13, started 124, and have 73 sitting as unstarted. This does not include the over 700 stories waiting in our Icebox.

This past sprint release was a pretty small one because of various external factors. The previous sprint release, however, was large as we released subscription membership. So there is ebb and flow to our work as well.

We will work on improving our feature and bug fix communication by posting summarized sprint release notes. Please take a look at those over the next few weeks and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your suggestions for continued communication improvement from the development team!

The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanogra...
Posted: Sep 12, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Snapshot Ids Still Missing?

I’ve solved this problem by providing a URL that will tell you the id numbers of all the snapshots in a given gigapan.

Use this:


but change the id 11099 to the one you want.

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Posted: Sep 11, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Next release on September 11

With a little over 5 hours left (Pacific Daylight Time) I’m not finding signs of any updates today. Perhaps I’m being impatient…

I really would like to see a web page, whether here on the forum or elsewhere on the site, that is dedicated to tracking the status of known bugs, bug fixes, and feature requests. It would be nice if bug reporting and feature request submission mechanisms were built into such a page.

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Posted: Sep 10, 2013

Topic: Stitch / Detailed info on overlap and blending

Hello Bo,

You adjust overlap settings in the Pro’s Option Menu (max is 75% though) and when you set your FOV. For post-processing the overlap, use a software such as Auto Pano Giga because Stitch is more automated & offers fewer options for manual control. Technical detail can be found in the GigaPan Stitch and Upload Technical Manual at http://tinyurl.com/gigapan-su-tech


Art Pollard Art Pollard
Posted: Sep 9, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Plugging in Spare Battery ???

If I were to create a cord with a plug on both ends that will let me plug a spare Gigapan battery into the Gigapan body, will that provide enough voltage & amperage to power the Gigapan unit?

I’m thinking of the times when there is a long photo session and not wanting to run out of power half way through. (This could also happen when the weather is cold making the batteries not have as much effective charge.)

Ronnie Miranda Ronnie Miranda
Posted: Sep 8, 2013

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Product Updates?

The EPIC Pro was launched in April 2010. The black EPIC/EPIC 100 model wwere also launched the same year. It has been more than 3 years and there has been no update to these product lines ever since. Other panoheads now have more features such as wireless remote control.

Some needed upgrade features:
1. Bluetooth or wifi remote control

2. Portrait (vertical) mode
It has been my experience with other panoheads that fewer images are captured when the camera is in portrait mode (vs GigaPan’s default landscape mode). There is an after market solution from Really Right Stuff but quite expensive.

The current EPIC Pro firmware already has an option to shoot in portrait mode. And Stitcher can correctly stitch images shot vertically (although they are still loaded horizontally). Why can’t GigaPan provide this very simple accessory or upgrade? There are advantages and disadvantages when shooting in either portrait or landscape. If such an accessory is available, at least the user will have the option to choose whatever mode they prefer.

3. 2 camera mount
Having 2 cameras mounted on the EPIC Pro allows faster capture of images especially for light or time sensitive projects like capturing a gigapixel image during sunset. Also minimizes occurrence of stitch seams.

4. EPIC 100 power adapter
The current workaround is to hack the battery case by soldering wires and connect it directly to an AC/DC adapter.

Ronnie Miranda Ronnie Miranda
Posted: Sep 8, 2013

Topic: Stitch / Gigapan Stitch Version 2.3 is Now Available

Stitch is free (including updates) and comes with 2 license keys if you register your GigaPan unit.

Stitch.EFX is a paid upgrade. The features of Stitch.EFX not available in Stitch are: Color Adjustments, Save Projected Images, Image Rearrange.

If you don’t require these features in your workflow, there is no need to spend $149 for the upgrade. There are workarounds as well such as editing and color correcting using Photoshop.

Ronnie Miranda Ronnie Miranda
Posted: Sep 8, 2013

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Remotely control the gigapan unit

cwinhall, this is a cool hack. I’m sure this can be improved upon using Bluetooth or even wifi. When combined with the Canon EOS Utility, for example, not only can you control the GigaPan but also control the camera as well and see a live preview, adjust exposure settings, etc. There are many iOS and Android apps that can control the camera as well.

Many panoheads such as Kolor Panogear or Clauss Rodeon have wireless remote control as a standard feature and can be controlled by PDA or a laptop. I don’t know why GigaPan can’t add this simple feature. The EPIC Pro was launched in April 2010 and there has been no update to this product line ever since.

Ronnie Miranda Ronnie Miranda
Posted: Sep 8, 2013

Topic: api.gigapan.org / Impact of web site changes

I don’t think there ever was an official API documentation. Most of the codes that are known were gathered and figured out by individuals by looking at the source codes of HTML pages then shared either at the old GigaPan forum or posted in personal websites. One example is by Rich Gibson of NASA Ames Research Center http://geocoder.us/gigapan/ (the info on this site is old but still works for older GigaPans).

In this old code, the server name makes use of “share.gigapan.org”. The new server address format is:


XXXZZZ is the entire GigaPan_ID, where XXX = the tile set number and ZZZ = image number

GigaPan servers actually are hosted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

If you look at codes already shared in these posts, you can use them directly or as reference to build your own codes.

General Toner General Toner
Posted: Sep 8, 2013

Topic: Stitch / Gigapan Stitch Version 2.3 is Now Available

Typically it would state on that ‘you have x days to register screen’ that the program is registered under key xxxx however stitch efx is a different key that needs purchasing.

Seems GigaPan bundles both into one package and depending on which key you enter/purchase, you can have either program.

This has occured each time that I have upgraded the GigaPan software (just upgraded to 2.3 myself and confirmed above is still the case that stich is using my old key and efx is still needing purchase if I want that after 14 days).

The battery issue is my biggest complaint on my pro as they just don’t seem to hold a charge worth anything after the first year is up. For the backpack, I don’t like the original for the pro so it is used to house old lenses in the closet. I utilize a National Geographic shoulder bag for the GigaPan unit and a Nat Geo backpack for gear (can see how much this sucker can hold on my flicker acct http://www.flickr.com/photos/generaltoner/90961…).

I do agree that most of us seem to do this as a hobby and it can be expensive, but I haven’t really found anything in the photography hobby is cheap.

General Toner General Toner
Posted: Sep 8, 2013

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / Full Frame or Cropped sensor camera with Epic Pro?

I have the D800 and D90. I started with the D90 on the Epic Pro and it worked well. When the D800 was released and I started using that I prefer that on the GigaPan. The purpose (to me) of the GigaPan unit is to get a super detailed image. The D800 has a much larger sensor and level of detail than our (now) older DX bodies due to MP and full frame.

My workflow is to still shoot the GigaPan in raw then convert to jpg in lightroom, this way I can do gross adjustments to all images (wb, sharpening, etc) prior to stitching the images.

Sounds like you have a solution, just thoughts in case someone else is also on the fence and wants another opinion.

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Posted: Sep 7, 2013

Topic: api.gigapan.org / Impact of web site changes

Tad – That’s a great question that deserves a forthright answer from someone employed by GigaPan Systems. I’ll echo what Kilgore661 had to say. I don’t recall there ever being any official API documentation, other than a couple of examples that were documented in the old version of this forum. I have used some of those from time to time, but I don’t have a central repository of API code I could point you to.

Even if it’s not yet ready for prime time, I hope the GigaPan Systems folks will clarify what their plans are for the API and, at the very least, document the existing API, even if with the caveat that it may be subject to change.