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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Chris Adlard Chris Adlard
Posted: Feb 11, 2015

Topic: Products / Gigapan Tag

Hi – I want to buy Gigapan Tag but have received no reply from Gigapan. Anyone know how/where to purchase it or why the contacts aren’t working?

Tom Harry Tom Harry
Posted: Feb 10, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / loans- cash against your future

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shivaram kumar shivaram kumar
Posted: Feb 10, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Packers and Movers - Are you moving from one house to another location?

Are you moving from one house to another location? Are you moving to a new house with whole your house commodities? Are moving in to a new town center or province? Regardless of what situation for your shift is, the process is surely going to be a disorderly encounter as you will have to do a lot of boring and unmanageable projects.

But you can make the situation much simpler and simpler. How it is possible to make house moving process easy. In my perspective, the only remedy is using professional overall look and moving assistance from one efficient and knowledgeable moving organizations in your position.

Fortunately, there are many professional elimination organizations or Packers and Moving organizations Pune organizations in various essential locations of Local regional Indian native regional local regional that can be helping hands on your different resettlement challenges such as residential shift, professional shift and regional house items moving. These organizations are engaged in providing very efficient alternatives for different types of moving situations and help their clients greatly shift from one position to another. They make sure for hassle-free and effectively successfully effectively secured execution of whole moving process and convert the situation into soothing and sleek occasion.

Professional packers and moving organizations or moving organizations and packers are proffering finish remedy to all your resettlement needs. They are proffering very useful alternatives to make the situation really easy. They are proffering alternatives such as overall look & moving organizations, working & unloading alternatives, transit alternatives, unpacking & putting to be able alternatives, and insurance strategy assistance. They are also providing some other allied alternatives on their clients’ need. They will offer particular alternatives such as car carrier & transport assistance, warehousing & storage space place area place position place position assistance, sensitive items overall look assistance, pet moving assistance, plant moving assistance, house & office moving assistance, etc.

Now you have clear ideas about how professional moving organizations and packers can help with your shift creating situation easy. So use alternatives of one of authorized, knowledgeable and efficient packers and moving organizations companies of your town and enjoy the new position sooner with a satisfaction and hassle-free encounter.

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shivaram kumar shivaram kumar
Posted: Feb 10, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Packers and Movers Pune : Mostly the alternatives of well-known elimination

If you are going to shift your house and thinking about doing it by self be cautious it is not as easy it seems and might cause plenty of problems later. It is better to use an knowledgeable to finish the whole job with appropriate proper care and assured protection. There are several procedures like as overall look, moving, managing items that can problems you. All these aspects are carried out by the professional elimination organizations with convenience and in most enhanced way.

For effectively successfully effectively secured and improve reallocation you should have to strategy about plenty of your power and effort forward and get prepared yourself about all the part of moving. You should have to very early select about selecting an knowledgeable elimination organization or doing it by own. It is always better to use an professional moving assistance organization instead of doing it by self because professional organizations have large numbers of certified workers, appropriate features, modern tool and elements, moving container, items and vehicle transporters and various other useful assets to deal with any kind of moving without any problems.

Professional elimination organizations also give their much interest over the overall look of useful items. They used first-rate provides for stuffing of items and system different types of useful items with different appropriate techniques to make sure their protection. Their professional workers also take highest possible appropriate all the valuable items during transport and offer to clients with finish protection and always quickly as well. On need of customer they can also unpack and modify all the valuable items within few hours and finish annoying moving process as soon as possible so that you can encounter relax.

Mostly the alternatives of well-known elimination organizations are entirely effectively successfully effectively secured and effectively successfully effectively secured. But unfortunately some decrease or losses may be possible. Well-known organizations also effectively successfully effectively secured the part of this doubt and offer the outstanding insurance strategy plan policy strategy alternatives to their clients. It is an extra assistance and all the elimination organizations cost extra sum of cash for it. But it creates moving definitely effectively successfully effectively secured and risk-free. So it is recommended that always use insurance strategy plan policy strategy features in resilient moving because it takes several periods to finish so the chance of harm or decrease is also outstanding. To avoid all kind of uncertainties and threat you can use insurance strategy plan policy strategy and make your reallocation entirely effectively successfully effectively secured and effectively successfully effectively secured.

In a few words selecting a packers and moving companies is always better and effectively successfully effectively secured decision in comparison to doing it by self. You can discover out several elimination organizations in various big locations like as Pune, etc. Most of the elimination organizations have their key secret head office elements in these big locations and braches in several other locations and locations. They offer clients in each and every corner in Local regional Indian native regional and some organizations also offer alternatives for globally moving. So for any kind of moving process you can trust on the packers and moving companies of Local regional Indian native regional, they offer outstanding assistance also at the cost-effective cost and make your shift as easy sleek as possible.

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shivaram kumar shivaram kumar
Posted: Feb 10, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Movers and Packers Chennai : Hiring packers and shifting organizations

Hiring packers and shifting organizations in your city is not so easy

The packers and shifting organizations in Chennai which has to be well known as they have the risks handlers and manage the aspects with the unlike for the different clients. You will get tired and more way to the clients and the new experienced. You are devoted and more awesome individuals and they have the issues and have to problematical motions of the individuals. Chennai can be well known with the educational hub of Local regional local native Indian local regional local and it furnishes with lot of functions and more comfort to the individuals.
Relocation is quite a normal incidence in Chennai and many individuals have to move the aspects from the different locations in Local regional local native Indian local regional local indigenous to Chennai. Chennai with current the outstanding provides and positions which is done on the capabilities and qualification.
You are a breeze to create the shiftments with the aid and the near associates of the near close relatives within the city. Chennai has the quite awesome by offering the outstanding support of the transportation functions and you can obtain the lot price of shifting organizations in the city of Chennai. Moving companies which help in the content and they have the outstanding changes only which can determine the outstanding organization’s aspects and they have the about the content which is required them. You should more focus on the shifting organizations within the fun and they focus on the aspects only. If you do not keep proceed to persist them with the others and should never appropriate fear about the aspects. You should have the overall look procedure it could be awesome which you is able of doing the overall look procedure definitely.

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shivaram kumar shivaram kumar
Posted: Feb 10, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Packers and Movers Chennai : Are You Looking for Excellent Packers and shifting organizations

Are You Looking for Excellent Packers and shifting organizations in Chennai
The procedure of shifting items from one position to another position is not always easy, the whole procedure has to be performed very effectively and your useful items should be effectively successfully effectively properly secured in the engaged position, the shifting procedure is not always easy it has to be performed by the packer and shifting organizations at their own threat because they are experts they discharge their obligations with lot of appropriate proper care and interest.

The procedure of shifting is a trail and it is the activity of products from one position to another. The activity of near associates of the near close relatives associates items from one position to another position needs lot of details and interest from the packers and shifting organizations Chennai. You have to analysis how the shifting of products is quite performed in the rightful etiquette. The transporters are quite experienced, they should accomplish the different shifting procedure of the individuals through the one sources. The major liability of the packers and shifting organizations has to take the right execute and complete price of products should be taken. The transporters have taken the complete liability and it is appropriate choice for getting the shifting encounter.
The outstanding professional details of the organizations is quite visible for the clients suggestions and also the web websites and they have to read all the views and the concepts from the globally web. The views are able to know the performance of the organizations. The outstanding activity and also the commitment of the individuals who do the tasks with the awesome commitment and also the commitment. This is the outstanding capabilities of the packers and shifting organizations Chennai who adjust to the needs very positively. They have the right for outstanding managing and you can effectively successfully effectively secured a lot of tasks and the price. The overall look is done in the right etiquette and you can also focus it to the different tasks. The most ideal time is getting engaged an also the shifting of the procedure of the individuals and also they to do the procedure in the right way and you can provide the right suggestions as per the wish.
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The outstanding just should not be loaded effectively by using the overall look components the shifting procedure should be done in the appropriate methods. The different tasks should be done in the best way and it will create lot of issues. The position should create lot of issues and also the quite other shifting suppliers may be scared about the far off locations but the professional organizations encounter bad about the managing the tasks to the far off locations.
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shivaram kumar shivaram kumar
Posted: Feb 10, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Movers and Packers Mumbai - The organizations are quite experienced and also the shifting

The organizations are quite experienced and also the shifting procedure and also the a lot of reduce and also the problems are quite handled and also help of the packers and shifting organizations in Mumbai. If you have any issue and error with the solutions you have to review to the secret headquarters. The contact figures and also the addresses should be given in the websites and you are getting and also using the aspects. You can also appreciate the outstanding benefits and also the claims provided by the organizations and also they are the top transporters Local regional local Indian local regional local.
They have the outstanding well to do team and also the top designations and also the affiliates has own the responsibility and also they meet for the obligations in the best methods. The important responsibility of the efficient transporters should also bid the perform within the needed price extensive comprehensive extensive comprehensive wide range. The price and time are the two aspects which is to be done within the price extensive comprehensive extensive comprehensive wide range.

The benefits are available within the transporters and you encounter and also everything by the organizations. The lacking of the recruiting and also the requirements will create lot of problems and problems. Individuals should follow the strategies and also the professional arms which is one of the way of doing the actual information and abilities. You have to be sure that the items are packed well and also the protection and the protection of the items.
People do the procedure with lot of attentiveness and also the ability, they perform the transport very rightly. The career is quite necessary to those and also them specifically and also everyone is quite needed to the different locations which are considered to be the best.

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Den Watts Den Watts
Posted: Feb 9, 2015

Topic: Products / iPhone 5 Deals @ www.eappleiphone5bestdealss.co.u

You may get lucky and find a local retailer who had a good supply of the Apple iPhone in stock. And they will probably announce a special offer for your attention. Be sure to check the classified section of the newspaper too. Just about every newspaper has a website online that you can search. Easy to find cheap iPhone online is to do a search on Craigslist. You can specify what cities you want to search and what item you are looking for. Once you find someone selling iPhone at low or at a reasonable price, you can send an email and make your offer. Use common sense and be wary of anyone offering free iPhone. Remember that nothing is free and realize surely there must be a catch somewhere. Do not expose yourself to a potential scam or a lot of spam for the randomly just to get something for free. By performing all the steps above, you are now in a good position to know how much it would cost to buy what you want. At this point, go to your favorite auction site and do a search.


Darwin457 Darwin457 Darwin457 Darwi...
Posted: Feb 9, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Informations sur le tourisme en Toscane et location toscane

La Toscane possède tellement de trésors artistiques qu’on pourrait considérer ce pays comme une véritable galerie d’art en plein air. Visitez ses villes qui attirent des touristes du monde entier, mais n’oubliez pas de découvrir l’atmosphère enchantée et authentique des petits bourgs.

Il existe en location toscane une extraordinaire concentration de petites villes uniques, de paysages somptueux, de trésors artistiques, sans oublier une cuisine locale délicieuse. La location toscane vous permet de passer des vacances dans un cadre privilégié, loin du stress quotidien de la ville.  Grâce à la qualité des services offerts et aux prix avantageux, les gîtes touristiques sont la solution d’hébergement préférée par les visiteurs de la région.

Avant de partir, il peut donc être important de recueillir quelques location toscane informations de base sur les transports toscane, les spécialités de la cuisine traditionnelle toscane, que voir et où dormir. Avec GoTuscany, profitez davantage de vos vacances en location toscane! Dans cette section, vous trouverez quelques conseils pratiques, avec un aperçu sur chaque thème.

Location toscane en Florence, Pise, Sienne, San Giminiano: des joyaux d’une valeur inestimable et faciles d’accès. Beauté unique des paysages vallonnés toscane avec rangées de cyprès élancés et immenses vignobles, petits villages paisibles avec fermes simples et jolis manoirs, élégantes stations balnéaires avec plages de sable location toscane superbement aménagées.

En 2015 GoTuscany fête ses location toscane 10 ans d’activité incoming sur la Toscane. Pour vous aider dans la recherche de location en Toscane et la planification de vos vacances, GoTuscany a mis en place une plateforme en ligne avec photos et descriptions détaillées. Cette année, parmi les nouveautés, nous avons inséré de magnifiques location toscane situés plus près des grands centres historiques toscane.

En Toscane, il y aura toujours un lieu pour vous séduire. Venez découvrir toutes nos locations de vacances en location toscane Toscane et contactez nous pour toutes informations.

Kenneth  Baker Kenneth Baker
Posted: Feb 8, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Fast Loans @http://www.click2quickloans.co.uk

Lenders always perform in order to make your entire Fast Loans technique quick AND hassle free.

Nir Levy Nir Levy
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / Epic Pro with Panasonic GH4 or GH3


i have the epic pro and i want to use it with my new Panasonic GH4 but the control cable that came with the EPIC PRO only trigger the video and NOT the stills.
What should i do ?

Thank you.

Alexander Marcopulos Alexander Marco...
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

I’ve been using ICE for a while now, but the structured pano function seems to create more errors then the gigastich software.

Abhishek Kumar Abhishek Kumar
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Taking 2 shots at a time

nice information. got a lot to learn from here.http://www.packersmoversdirectory.in

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

By the way, get Microsoft ICE. It’s a good, free stitch program that I use more than the Gigapan stitch program. Autopano is also a good one, though a little expensive.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 6, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

Since everyone was laid off I doubt you’ll get any support at the moment.

Alexander Marcopulos Alexander Marco...
Posted: Feb 6, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

Has anybody been successful at contacting the tech support/customer support group?

I just got an epic 100 and would like to get it registered for the software license…

prashant mane prashant mane
Posted: Feb 6, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Get the Perfect Evening of romance Presents intended for Them

Valentine™s Day celebrating the pristine feeling of affection is all set to fill the hearts of people with the fragrance of love this 14th of February. It is a universal festival celebrated with fun and frolic through out the world. On this lovable occasion love birds can send gifts to their beloveds using the Valentine Day gift delivery methods. It must be noted that with the advent of the internet the whole process of sending Gifts for Valentine™s Day has become very fast and convenient. The varieties of online Valentine™s Day gifts that are available on the internet provide the customers an all comprehensive package starting from purchasing to delivering at your beloved™s doorsteps.
The V-day gift ideas that are available on various websites have been categorized into Valentine Day gifts for her and Valentine Day gifts for him. They are the perfect token of love that you can bestow upon your most desirable person.
Also flowers have been signifying the purity of neuron™s affectionate feelings for ages and are the most beautiful creations of nature. So, this Valentine™s Day present Valentine day flowers along with gifts to your soul mate to rekindle and beautify your love life. This combination is the most apt gift that you can ever bestow upon your beloved to portray your everlasting and pure feelings that you have for them. So make full use of the Valentine™s Day flowers delivery services available on the internet and send Valentine™s Day flowers that are full of freshness and fragrance.
The color red and the flower rose have been used to signify the feelings of love and affection. So Valentine day roses are the most suitable gift that can be presented. Therefore a bouquet of red rose for Valentine™s Day along with a very adorable gift is what you need to celebrate Valentine day with your lady love or your man of dreams and fill your life with the fragrance of love and affection.
Along with the whole world the love birds of Delhi can also celebrate the festival of love in the best possible way using the services of Delhi florist.


Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Feb 5, 2015

Topic: Stitch / missing images

If you know where/how many images are missing, it’s pretty easy. Open one of your existing images so that the size and resolution will match. Fill it with a solid color, and save as with a new name. add it to stitch and drag it into position in the image sequence. Repeat as many times as needed to fill all of the holes, and stitch. I honestly don’t remember if you’ll need multiple copies or if one can be added multiple times, but that will be obvious once you start.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 4, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Nikon 750 and Nikon D810 not working with Gigapan pro unit. Shutter not firing. D700 works fine.

I have a D810 and yes, I have gotten it to work. You’ll need to follow the directions in the manual that are provided online.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 4, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

Unfortunately I think that since the hardware side of Gigapan is transitioning to a different company that the old Gigapan tech people are gone. Apparently they were working for free…for months thinking they were going to get paid and that never happened. You can look it up in the Oregon newspaper. Sad. http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/2014/1…

As for the dead batteries, it sucks that it dies, but take the batteries out of the unit when not in use and see if your batteries last longer. My batteries don’t last very long either and I normally need to charge them even if I hadn’t use them after the last charge. Not sure if they used the K-mart specials when it came to battery design but it sure seems that way. Good luck!

OANRP Monitoring Program OANRP Monitorin...
Posted: Feb 2, 2015

Topic: Stitch / missing images

I discovered that I have missing images in the middle of my panorama, but cannot retake them because the subject is part of a time series study. Is there any way to stitch the panorama with the area that had missing images simply blacked out? It doesn’t have to be pretty, I just need the surrounding imagery for data analysis.

sarakfeely B sarakfeely B
Posted: Jan 31, 2015

Topic: Stitch / Lost my License Key

You can contact through email…

Mark Rich Mark Rich
Posted: Jan 28, 2015

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Getting more gigapans geocoded

Hi, Interesting, the geolocate screen doesn’t even work for me now. Still, have you tried entering the coordinates as decimals? That was the only way they would work for me before. 38.69861, 92.25833

jung mingyo jung mingyo
Posted: Jan 23, 2015

Topic: Stitch / jumbled and twisted stitch output

360˚ panoramic images were taken using a gigapan. When you create a panoramic image stitching program them generated a lot of stitching errors. In addition, the problem arises that do not fit vertically, horizontally. Please tell us about the shoot tips and tricks stitching program used to solve this problem.

Ron Dean Ron Dean
Posted: Jan 22, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

1. How come it is impossible to leave a message for tech support if you are a basic member

2. Why is there no help for users with dead batteries when it is such a volatile point? I have only used my Pro 3 times because I can not keep power in the battery?

Backup sucks