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Comments on Gigapan: Dollhouse 1

Gigapan Comments (1)

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  1. Illah Nourbakhsh

    Illah Nourbakhsh (September 19, 2008, 01:31AM )

    Cool!! One thing to try might be to significantly lengthen shutter time, and put in a delay on the Gigapan robot; then for the stitching problem in the middle (what if the front and back had even more similarities? I wonder if it would have "merged" them in some crazy way!) you could take two separate gigapans, stitch them separately all the way until you exported them, reprojected flat, as tif files, then in Photoshop you could put them next to each-other to make a larger tif and then upload that.. I might try this with my daughter's dollhouse too as an experiment.