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Knyzna Gora (Duchess Hill) by Eugene Potapov

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Eugene Potapov Eugene Potapov
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0.05 Gigapixels
Date added
Sep 13, 2011
Date taken
Sep 13, 2011

Nikon D5000


View of the Knyzhna Gora, Demyansk region, Novgorod District. This place is believed to be the original place of the town of Demon (precursor of Demyansk). View from the hill is here gigapan.org/gigapans/87026/
This is an ancient fortification relict off town of Demyansk, Novgorod District, Russia on the bank of the Yavon river, part of the former route from Scandinavia to Greece (Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks).This is the alternative route which went from the Pola river, to Yavon', then portage to the Seliger Lake, and into the Volga system. Traces of first settlement here were dated as 1000 bc. Located 8 km off the town of Demyansk, an ancient Russian City. The river was navigable, before the Moscow-St. Petersburg portion of the VolgoBalt canal (canal from the Baltic Sea toVolga (meaning Moscow) was built nearby, and the sources of the river near the Seliger lake were damed to divert some water to the canal system. During world war II this was a part of the "Demyansk pocket', a place of intensive battles between the Red Army and the Nazis. The nearby village of Peski was totally burned down by the invaders. Lot of arms and ammunition are still found in the surrounding areas. On top of the hil one can still see trenches.
There is a legend (actually two versions) on the origin of the hill:
version1: The Duke went away, while his wife (dutchess = Knyzhna) had forgotten about him and started an affair with the local lad. The Duke came back and found his wife with this lad. He did not kill the wife, but instead ordered her to bring sand 'by hand' to build the hill. So the hill is the monument to the monumental infidelity.
version 2. The Duke found a beautiful girl, married her, and they made love on this place. Little they know that the place was 'damned'. There was a feather which fell on the chest of the Duke, and he died. The widowed duchess (Knyzhna) was bringing handfuls of sand in order to cover the 'damned' place and commemorate her love.

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