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Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. David Engle

    David Engle (November 01, 2010, 11:47AM )

    Thanks ... there was not much patience here on this Sunday. In the first snapshot, you can see a young lady who is trying to handle looking into the sun and there are people standing in the shade (the dude holding his baby) because on the intense heat, and for the rest of us; well, anyone wearing a suit was covered with sweat. I took the Gigapan in about two minutes, which for most, was about a minute and a half too much. However, it stitched as a 360, which is amazing to me. Did you notice the absence of trees as what we can see in http:/tinyurl.com/Galveston002 ? (numerous trees in this panorama have now been vaporized). The tall palm trees survived, but the oak trees didn't

  2. The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"

    The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" (November 01, 2010, 11:22AM )

    Wow this is a nice picture David. I envy you for your access to a group of people who are willing to be patient enough to pose for a gigapan :-)