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Huacachina - A Desert Oasis Near Ica Peru by Jeff Cremer

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Jeff Cremer Jeff Cremer
Explore score
1.20 Gigapixels
Date added
Aug 30, 2010
Date taken
Aug 30, 2010

Nikon D80 + 70-200mm VR


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Shimmering beneath the scorching sun of the Peruvian desert is an extraordinary sight - a tiny settlement, complete with lagoon, lush palm groves, carob trees, cafes, neatly clipped lawns, 100-strong population and even the odd swimming pool.

For thousands of years, Huacachina, otherwise known as the ‘oasis of Americas' - there is only one - has been a beacon of green, hidden deep amid hundreds of miles of barren desert.

Huacachina serves as a resort for local families from the nearby city of Ica, and increasingly as an attraction for tourists drawn by the sport of sandboarding on sand dunes that stretch several hundred feet high.

Legend of Huacachina

There is a legend about the origin of this oasis, a love story that goes back to prehistoric times. A beautiful girl, from the nearby town of Tacaraca, went to this desolate place, where there were only a few huarango trees, to mourn the death of her lover, a brave Inca general, The tears of this woman, with green eyes and black hair, were gradually forming the lake. It is said that on nights when the new moon can still hear their cries


La laguna u oasis Huacachina, es un oasis ubicado a cinco kilómetros al oeste de la ciudad deIca, en el Perú; se presenta como un verdadero oasis natural en medio de las blancas arenas deldesierto.

De aguas color verde esmeralda, surgió debido al afloramiento de corrientes subterráneas y alrededor de ella ha aparecido una abundante vegetación compuesta de palmeras,eucaliptos y los típicos huarangos, que sirven para el descanso de las aves migratorias que pasan por esta región. Todo ello contribuye a hacer de Huacachina uno de los lugares más vistosos y bellos de la costa peruana.

Leyenda de Huacachina

Existe una leyenda acerca del origen de este oasis, una historia de amor que se remonta a tiempos prehispánicos. Una hermosa doncella, proveniente del cercano pueblo de Tacaraca, llega desconsolada a este lugar, donde sólo había unos cuantos huarangos, a llorar la muerte de su amado, un valiente general incaico, según algunas versiones .

Las lágrimas de esta mujer, de ojos verdes y cabello muy negro, fueron formando poco a poco la laguna. Se dice que en las noches de Luna nueva aún se pueden escuchar sus lamentos, los que confunden a los visitantes desprevenidos.

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  1. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards (November 29, 2011, 09:04AM )

    This is one of the most incredible images I have ever seen; thanks for posting it, Jeff. I have always been fascinated by oases in deserts, and this picture makes me want to visit this one, although it's never going to happen, given that I'm about as far away as you can get, in Australia. It's incredible the detail that can be revealed when you zoom in on any area - right down to being able to read signs posted on walls. For example, I see the menu for one of the lakeside cafés is offering pizzas, pecan pie, and chocolate cake! I must come and visit some time, if I can.

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