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Comments on Gigapan: How People Make Things: Molding

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  1. marti

    marti (January 27, 2009, 11:46AM )

    Formative Evaluation: From Prototype to Final Exhibit The HMPT project team used an iterative formative evaluation and prototyping process to ensure that the final exhibit experiences would be engaging, comprehensible, and relevant to visitors. To guide that process, the team created a shared set of learning objectives to focus exhibit development. Prototyping sessions assessed the potential of exhibit activities and mediation (i.e. signage, videos, etc.) to enhance visitors' comfort with manufacturing topics. The design team and UPCLOSE researchers observed, recorded, and interviewed families regarding their interactions, conversations, and understanding of specific exhibit concepts. Findings from these prototyping sessions were shared in follow-up meetings. Short formative evaluation reports were used to provide the exhibit team with examples of visitor behavior and conversation using visitors' own voices to help stimulate discussion, and assist the designers in moving forward with the conceptualization and refinement of exhibit experiences. For details about the formative design process go to: www.informalscience.org/project/sp otlight/hpmt Will open in
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