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My Living Room Mantel by Joseph Bacharach

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Taken by
Joseph Bacharach Joseph Bacharach
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0.66 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 26, 2010
Date taken
Apr 26, 2010

The mantel in my living room isn’t exactly an example of collection as a hobby, but rather as a collection of memories.

I made the sand handprint when I was 7 years old in elementary school. Everybody in first grade made one in art class. I remember a girl in the class got in trouble and had to go to the nurse’s office because she kept eating handfuls of sand.

The framed drawing hung over the mantel I made in second grade. It was my attempt to copy a Paul Gauguin painting. I remember in the art class there was a painting by Francisco Goya of Spaniards being executed by Napoleon’s troops called “The Third of May 1808”. The faces in the painting used to give me nightmares.
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My mother got the whale vertebrae when she worked for the peace corps. It has been in this house for as long as I can remember.

The miniature clock was given to me by a friend who bought it in Hong Kong on a business trip. He said I would love Hong Kong and that if I ever get the chance I should go there some day. I keep this here to remind me to go to Hong Kong.

The makeshift drink umbrella was from the vacation I took with a group of friends to North Carolina.

The gold dog bone name tag was from my first dog, Hobbes. He was a Brazilian Mastiff my mother bought when he was just a few months old. He grew up to be big, mean, smelly and ugly but he was mine so I could find no fault with him.

The box of chocolate hippos was given to me by my girlfriend. She brought them back from her trip to India where she worked at an orphanage for a month. She knows I love hippos. They were delicious.

The picture of the Pittsburgh skyline was given to me as a gift from a friend for my 23rd birthday. It’s an old picture as evidenced by the bridges that haven’t existed for over 50 years that can be seen in the picture.

The picture of the kid in the blue striped shirt is a picture of my friends kid. His name is Logan and he’s a wild one, prone to biting the cats and hitting his younger sister. I love him, he likes me. This picture was taken minutes before he threw up while sitting next to me imitating the way I was sitting. At first he wasn’t sure what to do cause he just threw up in his own hands. He quickly looked around to see if anybody was looking and tried to return the throw up back to his mouth. Everybody was grossed out and made a commotion so he began to cry from embarrassment. I just laughed, cleaned him off, calmed him down and he went back to imitating the way I was sitting like nothing ever happened.

A picture of his father is right next to him. I took this picture of him when I visited him when he lived in Philadelphia. I took the picture as we were preparing a going away party for a girl we had never met. The girl was leaving the U.S. to go back to her country of origin, which one I can’t recall. A group of us decorated a friends apartment with streamers and candles and banners and all other types of decorations that one would think appropriate for a going away party. All our friends gathered quietly in the house to surprise her. When she finally came and we all jumped up and yelled surprise, she truly was surprised because she realized that not one of her close friends had actually come to the party. They had all gone out to the bars for the night. It’s okay, we all had a good time anyways. Me and my friends did at least.

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