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What's left of my skateboard collection by noah petronic

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Taken by
noah petronic noah petronic
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1.04 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 13, 2010
Date taken
Apr 07, 2010

It was July 29, 1995, my birthday, I remember waking up eating some pancakes and eggs, then my mom giving me my birthday gift. It's pretty safe to say I can not remember for the life of me what she got me, but a little later in the day my oldest sister, Heather, came up to me with my birthday gift, so I proceeded to open it, and to my enjoyment it was indeed a skateboard, I'm pretty sure this is where my delinquency started, and I owe it all to my sister.

Growing up in the skateboarding culture allows you to open yourself to look at everyday ordinary things in a different light, whether it be a stair case, a part of a sidewalk, a railing, a bump in the path, or something as easy a trash can. If you are a skateboarder you look at these things and ask yourself “i bet I could backside flip over that” or “I could backside crook that ledge with that little bump in the side walk”. It's a completely different state of mind we're in, not to mention a whole different vocabulary that no one understands, but we take pride in what we do and that you don't.

Skateboarding also allows you not to be a sheltered person. It forces you to get out and meet people, you always want people to go out and skate with and the more people you meet while you are out skating the more skating you can do, and the more skating that you do the more places you go to skate, which allows you to be more aware of what else is out in the world, whether you go to skateboard in the other side of the city, two states north of you, or three countries to the right, it makes you get out and see the the world.

Throughout my 14 going on 15 years of skateboarding I have had more encounters with police and authority figures than I would have ever imagined I would have, and more than the vast majority of you non-skateboarders will ever have, but its just part of the culture, as skateboarders, we deal with and push through, plus it can always add a little excitement to your day if you were bored.

Over the years I have grown quit the collection of skateboards that i've trashed, but for some reason a few years ago I decided to have a bonfire with half of my collection, not a very smart move now that I think about it. In the ones I have left I have boards that have come from Hawaii, Obey Giant artist Shepard Fairey (wish I would not have skated those ones), skated on the streets of Germany, France, Denmark, and Poland, boards that have lasted me a day, and decks that have lasted me three months. It is very strange but it is like you have a relationship with your skateboard, you know exactly how it rides and how to do a kickflip the perfect way on each one, because each one is different.

Skateboarding throughout my life has had a far more positive impact on my life than I think anyone that does not skate can imagine. I think it is hard for them to understand that something that I get in trouble for riding constantly can have a positive affect on my life, but I do not even want to image what kind of person I would be if never skateboarded. The only aspect that is negative for me, is thinking how much money I have spent on skateboarding, but that is just something that I find to be more than worth it. Now, that I am getting older (I am only 22) I can really feel what skateboarding has done to my knees and ankles, but that is the price you pay to do what you love.

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Camera model: Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
Image size: 3456x2592 (9.0 megapixels)
Capture time: 2010-04-07 21:18:09 - 2010-04-07 21:45:25
Aperture: f/4.3
Exposure time: 0.4
ISO: 400
Focal length (35mm equiv.): 357.6 mm
Digital zoom: off
White balance: Fixed
Exposure mode: Manual
Horizontal overlap: 32.7 to 43.8 percent
Vertical overlap: 30.4 to 43.6 percent
Computer stats: 8192 MB RAM, 8 CPUs
Total time 2:02:58 (0:27 per picture)
Alignment: 12:34, Projection: 12:42, Blending: 1:37:41

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