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Tiaras by Brooke Keane

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Brooke Keane Brooke Keane
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0.10 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 13, 2010
Date taken
Apr 13, 2010

Danielle Thompson is a princess. At least that's what her collection of tiaras would suggest.
What started as a gag, has blossomed into a collection that any royal family member would envy. The proud owner of about 20 tiaras, Thompson's collection is comprised of mostly shiny plastic headpieces, many decorated with colorful faux gems, glitter, sequins or even tufts of pink boa.
Though the 21-year-old Butler, Pa. native did not receive the first tiara in her current collection until she was 15 years old, Thompson has had royal roots from the beginning.
“I've always had something of an infatuation with them,” she said. “I've always loved tiaras, my friends and I used to dress up and pretend we were princesses.”
Thompson's mother also recognized her daughter as a princess, as any mother would, and added to the collection during a trip to Disney World. It was after Thompson had graduated from high school and the family was on a band trip for her younger brother to the Magic Kingdom. The other mothers were searching for gifts for their children not on the trip, buying them t-shirts or key chains, but Thompson's mother knew none of those things would be right for her daughter. Then she saw a plastic beaded tiara with Cinderella on it and she knew it belonged to her daughter.
“She just knew that was the way to go and she was very correct,” Thompson said.
More recently, Thompson's mother also purchased her latest tiara; a sparkly number coated in glitter for her twenty-first birthday.
“My mom buys into it more than my dad and brother, they think it's a little weird,” Thompson said.
There is one tiara in particular that stands out to Thompson, not for it's glitz or glam, but for the memories attached to it. This tiara was a symbol of Thompson's participation on her high school dance team, something that was a “big deal” at her school.
“I wore a tiara every Friday for four years,” she said of the Statue of Liberty-esque crown of gold sequins. “I'll always remember that.”
Similar to a sorority, the freshman members of the dance team would have their crowns pinned on by their “big sisters,” who were older members of the team, on the day of the team photo, making the tiara an extra special memento for the entire team.
“It's kind of bittersweet because [the dance team] doesn't wear tiaras anymore, we were the last class to wear them and they used to wear them back in the 1950s,” Thompson said. “It holds a lot of memories for me.”
Despite her love for the flashy headdresses often intended for princesses and beauty queens, Thompson herself has never been in a pageant.
“I think those are ridiculous,” she said, laughing.
However, Thompson admits to knowing that her collection is a bit ridiculous too, but completely loves it just the same.
“It started out as a joke, but now it's just fun. Some people get flowers on special occasions, others get balloons, I get tiaras,” she said.

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  1. Alireza Mostafanejad

    Alireza Mostafanejad (October 07, 2010, 11:13PM )

    i liked the story :)

  2. Alireza Mostafanejad

    Alireza Mostafanejad (October 07, 2010, 11:11PM )

    liked it!

  3. Tom Nelson

    Tom Nelson (April 13, 2010, 03:41PM )


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