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Comments on Gigapan: Battleship Texas BB 34

Gigapan Comments (3)

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  1. Angelko Krstanovic

    Angelko Krstanovic (January 05, 2012, 01:00PM )

    that's a very intimidating vessel. i overlapped a lot too last weekend. i was messing with the camera and the tripod, and forgot about maxing the focal length until well into the sequence. oh well, next time :)

  2. Richard Palmer

    Richard Palmer (March 30, 2010, 06:20PM )

    With a 30-40% overlap, this panorama would have been about 4 Gigapixels! Looking at the focal length, though, shows that the pano was taken at a normal focal length instead of at a longer focal length, say 300mm. That explains the excess overlap. Twelve to 18 frames at 43 mm and 30% overlap would have covered the same area, and would stitch in about 5 minutes - at most.

  3. Jaime Brotons

    Jaime Brotons (March 30, 2010, 05:21AM )

    This image is too small for 676 shots, why did you overlap 95%?