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Comments on Gigapan: GORDON & JOHNS

Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. Paul Heckbert

    Paul Heckbert (December 27, 2009, 03:44PM )

    Reducing the aperture, as mrpiv suggested, should help. You could also increase the overlap. Typically the Gigapan Imager shoots with 30%-40% overlap. If you do "Gigapan Setup" you could reduce the field of view and thereby get overlap of 50% or more. That would help, also. The disadvantage is that you'll shoot more pictures to capture the same panorama, however.

  2. David Pivin

    David Pivin (December 27, 2009, 09:49AM )

    Forest, First thing I noticed was that you shot at f/4.3 on this pano. Vignetting will be reduced significantly by shooting at f/8, which I believe is the maximum available on the SX120. I noticed you had used f/8 on some of your previous panos with an SX110 with no vignetting problems. Hopefully you have the opportunity to re-shoot. But since you have already shot this, you may be able to reduce the vignetting effects a bit by selecting the option to use a larger blending region and re-stitch. I am currently using an SX110 which only differs in Mpx, 9.1 vs. 10 compared to the SX120 and I get good results and always try to shoot f/8. Previously I had used an SD400 which had vignetting problems even at f/10. MrPiv