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Austrian Classroom in the Cathedral of Learning by Bethany Foltz

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Taken by
Bethany Foltz Bethany  Foltz
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0.96 Gigapixels
Date added
Nov 10, 2009
Date taken
Nov 10, 2009

Built in 1996, the Austrian Nationality classroom in the Cathedral of Learning at the University Pittsburgh is reminiscent of the18th century Baroque period. It reflects the elegance of the century and is based on elements from a castle near Vienna called Haydnsaal (Haydn Hall) in Schloss Esterhazy. Franz Gerhard, a Viennese architect created the room design while Austrian born and Pittsburgh resident Gunther J. Kaier worked alongside to produce the architectural drawings and supervise the construction.

Michael Walter, Nationality Rooms Tour Coordinator, is also the advisor of Quo Vadis, a student organization whose members give tours of the Nationality Rooms. Sara Pecora is one of those students who have the honor of welcoming guests to the most recognizable educational institutions as well as the tallest in the western world raising an amazing 42 stories.

Of the many different aspects of the room, the relics in the two showcases are a favorite to guests and students according to Walter and Pecora. In the showcase to the right as you enter are different handmade Austrian glasses, sheet music by famous Austrian composers and portraits of other royalty of the Austrian Empire.

In her 40-year reign, Maria Theresa proved to be a wise and able ruler by centralizing the administration of her empire, being the founder of the Military Academy, mandating primary and trade schools, making elementary education compulsory for all her subjects, and introducing a system of taxation which taxed both the nobility and the clerics.

She had sixteen children with Francis Stephen of Lorraine, one of which was Marie Antoinette, who is also one of the more recognizable figures from the Austrian Empire.

The walls are based on those in Haydnsaal bearing floral designs and a trim of twenty-three carat gold. Chairs, curtains, and wall panels are made of royal red damask.

The left wall bears a map of the Austrian Empire under Charles VI, while the wall on the right is a commemorative inscription, listing composers born within the Austrian Empire.

The elaborate table and chairs are based on one the Imperial dining room furniture in Vienna’s Hofbrugh. It is handcrafted of solid maple aged for fifty yeas. The furniture has seven coats of lacquer overlaid with gilded patina.

A favorite of Empress Maria Theresa and found in Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Palace are two intricate gold leafed Lobmeyr crystal chandeliers. The floor, also a copy of the palace, are done in a rose pattern.

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Capture time: unknown
Aperture: unknown
Exposure time: unknown
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