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Snowmass Cliff Wall Sunrise, 750mm telephoto lens used to create by Jason Buchheim

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Explore score
0.40 Gigapixels
Date added
Jan 31, 2008
Date taken
Jan 30, 2008

Nikon D200


Gigapan Comments (3)

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  1. Glen Akins

    Glen Akins (February 04, 2008, 06:30AM )

    Could you share any details on the bracket you made to mount your D200 to the gigapan unit? You can reach me at this URL: glenakins.com/contact.php 

  2. Richard Palmer

    Richard Palmer (February 01, 2008, 01:01PM )

    You are certainly NOT the only person to attempt to use the GigaPan unit with a DSLR. I tried to do so during the intial beta trial in July/August 2007. The Olympus E-500 & E-510 are just a tad too large to fit, especially with a lens of any significant magnification. No doubt, this issue will be addressed sooner or later. I also haven't really seen a vignetting problem using the Canon S5-IS, even at full zoom.

  3. Jason Buchheim

    Jason Buchheim (January 31, 2008, 11:48AM )

    Compare this image with www.gigapan.org/viewGigapan.php?id= 2604 . The later was done with a Sigma 50-500 refracting (glass) lens at 500mm. This one was done with a 500mm Samyang Reflecting (mirror) lens. It is lacking in the fine detail in the rocks. I can, however, mount this lite lens onto the D200 and onto the Gigapan Tripod Unit (it does not overwhelm the servo) - something definately NOT possible with the glass Sigma lens. But I would say its an order of magnitude less detail from the Samyang lens, could probably have done the same image with a glass 300mm lens and have less images and data to deal with. I really wish they would have put stronger servos in the Gigapan tripod mount so that it could move around some big lenses on a DSLR. I am sure I am probably the only person who has tried mounting a DSLR to the gigapan unit. It works if you make your own bracket to hold the camera and the lens is not too heavy. Pretty fun stuff. I have an Olympus 7070 that fits on the Gigapan unit well, but it only has a 4x zoom lens and I am trying to see what the limit in detail in a gigapan can be. I have not been able to decide upon a small high zoom digicam to purchase as they all have such tiny sensors. I am looking at the Panasonic FZ-50 but was hoping they would come out with an upgrade but they seem to be abandoning the line. The problem with the tiny sensor cameras is that diffraction becomes limiting on detail at an F-Stop of just f3.0 at a lens setting of 88mm. (On a APS-C sized sensor you can go to f11 before diffraction becomes limiting at the equivalent of 420mm). I also have not been impressed with the vignetting seen from the small Canons people are using. Interesting, inside the Gigapan unit is two servos made by a company in China. The company sells stronger holding servos that use the same voltage and contacts, maybe I should see about an upgrade although the mechanical linkage and box seems pretty tightly engineered, would have to move it all out and build my own (maybe I should just sucker up and get a Panasonic FZ-50)...

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