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Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. Stoney Vintson

    Stoney Vintson (June 17, 2009, 11:36PM )

    That is a superb panorama. Thanks for sharing it with us : ) I photographed a few panoramas with the Nikon D90 to assess the imagers ability to handle the mass and size. I had no problems, but I was using a smaller lens. If you use telephoto lenses that are slower the mass will be lower.

  2. Gary O Grimm

    Gary O Grimm (June 16, 2009, 07:36PM )

    Very nice Gigapan. The sharpness you achieved using the Nikon D90 is very impressive. We have this camera and a 70 - 300mm lens and I have tried a Gigapan, but it seemed almost too heavy. Do you have any recommendations for how you set this camera and lens up with your Gigapan? Thanks, Gary