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"whereRU: Aresty Poster [Poster153] - Angle Polarity and Perspective Cues in 3-D Objects" by Aresty Posters 2009

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Aresty Posters 2009 Aresty Posters 2009
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May 31, 2009
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May 31, 2009

"The Roles of Angle Polarity and Linear Perspective in the Perception of 3-D Objects"

The role of linear perspective and its interaction with angle polarity (concave vs. convex) in the perception of three dimensional (3-D), multi-stable objects, objects with more than one dominant percept, is being investigated in this project. The study of perceptual cues is important because although most objects convey a single percept, the representation of reality that the visual system creates through sensory experience is disturbed when ambiguous figures are viewed. Ambiguous figures enable the assessment of the strength of visual cues on 3-D objects which then contributes to our understanding of how such cues are used in the perception of typical objects. I am using ?reverse perspectives,? first coined by English artist Patrick Hughes, to investigate the role of angle polarity, a cue that has not been researched significantly. ?Reverse perspectives? are 3-D scenes whose structures are polar opposite of what the pictorial scenes portray. The part of the structure closest to the observer is painted to look to be farthest away and vice-versa. The amount of time observers spend in the two conflicting percepts determined by our ?reverse perspective? stimuli is measured and analyzed using t-tests of the difference scores. In previous studies, the linear perspective formed in the illusion significantly overpowered angle polarity and subsequently, the strength of the perspective cue has been diminished in this project.

By: Idimma Cherish Madu, cherishmdu@gmail.com
Laboratory of Vision Research, RuCCs
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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