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Glas-28a Liberation Pane (1947) by Harry Anders

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Harry Anders Harry Anders
Explore score
1.28 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 20, 2009
Date taken
Apr 19, 2009

At the top of the pane we see a somber sky, diving planes and lightning. In the center of the dark clouds four apocalyptic horse riders are wreaking havoc. The flooded polders also reflect war and disaster; people try to save what they can in small boats. In the center of the pane a church goes up in flames between burnt-out buildings. Further down on the far left three representations of the horrors of war: resistance fighters hanging at the gallows; a man arrested in his bed; and four starving people in striped clothes in a concentration camp.
On the far right three other war scenes: a group of people with raised hands arrested during a raid; deportation of people, including cripples; and the worst horror, the transport of Jews to the destruction camps.
Breaking through these tribulations is a procession waving the Dutch flag as a symbol of resistance during the war and joy due to the liberation. The man left of the central vertical mullion makes the V sign; with three fingers, which is the way it was done in South Limburg where the glazier lived. In the foreground on the left of the group we see the coat of arms of Gouda with the motto: "Per aspera ad astra" (Through the thorns to the stars). On the right the coat of arms of the Netherlands with the motto: "Je maintiendrai" (I will maintain). The oranges (compare Pane 22) surrounding this coat of arms and the orange sash over the shoulders of the boy in the foreground remind us of Queen Wilhelmina who supported the resistance from London. The colorful border at the base contains the coats of arms of the eleven provinces. The Bible text is from Exodus 15: 13, "Thou in Thy mercy hast led forth the people whom Thou hast redeemed". The poetry quote from Yge Foppema reminds us of the resistance: (Wij)"Gedenken hen, die toen het volk verslagen/ en macht'loos scheen/ de vaan der vrijheid hoog hebben gedragen/ door alles heen". (We) “Remember those, who, when the people seemed conquered/ and powerless/ kept the banner of freedom flying/whatever came their way”.
The Liberation Pane is of special significance on the annual 4 May commemoration day: "lest we forget". As such the theme of the pane is in keeping with the other Stained-Glass Windows of Gouda with their instructive representations.

Witness also the lines of the poem “Gezicht op Zuid-Holland” (View on South Holland) by J.W. Schulte Nordholt (1961): where the light of heaven shines through the beauty of the past where our fathers stand as witnesses surrounding us of the freedom that is ours Orange at its heart.

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