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Gigapan Comments (3)

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  1. Richard Palmer

    Richard Palmer (March 04, 2009, 06:07PM )

    See my snapshot above. gigapan.org/viewGigapan.php?id=1829 4&snapshot_id=54543 and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washingtonia  Will open in a new tab or window Richard

  2. David Engle

    David Engle (March 04, 2009, 01:48PM )

    To appreciate what we see here, please compare with what you see in Miss Monica's GigaPan: www.gigapan.org/viewGigapan.php?id= 11484.The view is not so spectacular as when seen in gigapan.org because in both panoramas, the camera lens is very close to the palm tree and the top branches look distorted, but in fact, they are not... the view in Google Earth places the curved panorama into a curved space, both vertical and horizontal and the result becomes something normal to the human eye. When I compare the two varieties of palm trees, I see that there may be a difference other than age, but I would defer this answer to your question to someone more knowledgeable than I, Dr. Richard Palmer: www.gigapan.org/viewProfile.php?use rid=319.

  3. The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"

    The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" (March 03, 2009, 10:56PM )

    Welcome to the one gigapixel club and congratulations! I like this pano because to Texans I imagine this is an ordinary everyday scene featuring ordinary people doing ordinary things, but to someone who has never been anywhere near Texas it is a very unfamiliar landscape. The trees in particular are extraordinary to me - they look like something from an alien planet. In particular, given the size of the tree I wonder how it survives given the relatively tiny amount of leaves?