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Martian ancient cultivation @ Hellas Planitia, banded terrain, hi-contrast and colored highlights. garyoptica@hotmail.com by Gary Proffitt

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Taken by
Gary Proffitt Gary Proffitt
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Apr 22, 2014
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architectural, astrophotography, banquet, cityscapes, environmental, experimental, fashion, fine art, forensic, geology, landscape, long exposure, macro, nature, night, photojournalism, social, still life, travel, underwater, virtual reality

Quote by Marie Curie...
“I am among those who think that science has great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician: he is also a child placed before natural phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale.”
(See snapshot feature and click on individual images to see commenting)
I cant think of any image I have ever seen apart from the amazing Hubble images that matches this for sheer mystery value as there is clearly evidence of a complex process that can create strips of cubic trenched areas that are still visible though some trenches have been filled in.
I have considered the possibility of a new natural process that could generate these geometries but there are observations that push the "natural source theory" into oblivion.
Take the green strip bottom middle that shows were a new strip of several plot areas has clearly been made over existing marked areas thus this tells us that these strips or cubic areas are made consequently and not by mass.The strip also has a bizarre semi-circle at its base with segmentation and at both ends of the strips there are debris piles as if an ancient bulldozer has cultivated the area.
I have made a grand conclusion based on the latter paragraphs findings that could explain the very unnatural looking raised out crops that have concentric banding anomalies.My theory is that some organised system has pushed waste material towards these areas to possibly make Islands and originally there must of been a rocky core that was used as a waste site and then over time these would of created the beautiful examples like the shield shaped Island.
Thanks to altering the colour range and contrast you can now zoom in to the plots and clearly see bizarre arrays of what appear to be mega fauna trace fossils that are on the order of 5 to 10 metres across and have a symmetrical configuration with many differing designs and these are not compression features or frost geometries as the resolution and range of Geometries is unmatched and improvable.
New video featuring all my best discoveries called "Mankind from apes to aliens"
youtu.be/PKNiJnIDamQ Will open in a new tab or window
Quadrata Martis, Mars Rotated 20.5 deg and scaled 4 x
Please firstly click on the snapshot feature to see the visually enigmatic snapshots that should prove to be key frames to the evolution of Humankind's self awareness within the cosmic community that awaits.
New youtube video which fits the evidence perfectly!
youtu.be/3Su-rTft2I8 Will open in a new tab or window
Data source NASA MRO Mars Imaging(PSP_007781_1410)
Location;Mars,Hellas Planitia
Mars; Lat: -38.4° Long: 55.8°

This is a huge file created from my original image that I cropped from a MRO image file.
The image took over 6 hours to import, scale, convert from jp2 to png, save and upload and allows for much greater zooming of this interesting area.
There are strange banding effects that run diagonally throughout the area and I have
spotted that these originate from the source
file but they are slightly chaotic so must be present in the actual area itself which is very
odd indeed if this is the case.

You can find the relevant linked information to this article in my previous publication at the below link
One might ask if this Image is so revealing as it surely is regarding the possibility of Martian intelligent activity recorded upon its surface then how come this has not come to light till now?
Well there are a great number of reasons why these Mars reconnaissance orbiter(MRO) images have not been examined to the last detail and this discovery came as a complete surprise to me to be honest as I was interested in researching the many towers of rock that are present in Hellas Planitia that are very interesting in the recurrent nature of densities and size though not in this particular area that is spotlighted in this article.
Below are some of the many reasons for obscurity of information listed.
(1).....Mars has been assessed as completely void of a life sustaining Atmosphere and temperature for the longest part of its existence and though the temperature extremes present now would not prevent adapted life from holding out, the cosmic and other radiation levels along with the very low pressure are thought to prevent more complex life from existing now though not in Mars past.
(2).....The average affordable personal computer back in 2008 could not handle the average M.R.O. hirise file complete for viewing as the size is on average between 200 to 600 megabytes.
(3)....Programs that are currently available for handling jp2 files are woefully inadequate for scanning quickly by any human observer including the on-site application viewer that the hirise site utilises and I personally had to convert these files from jpeg2 to png to allow much better software to deliver faster scanning speeds using the best computer around currently, the human mind.
(4).....Gigapan was not around until its infancy in 2008 and this great site allows for the fast zooming and searching of huge image files and is used by many professionals and educational
institutions because of its powers of observation, this is what I used to research these files and this site with its software is far superior to the hirise adopted browser software for handling large files thus I cannot understand why closer examination of these files has not occurred till now on gigapan.
(5)....There is currently no science around that covers the possibility of intelligent constructions possible on other planets
, mainly because mankind currently is unable to technologically reach other worlds except the nearest planets with limitations in both
physical freedoms of search and discovery and grossly reduced apertures of scientific expectation have resulted in no reason to consider such sciences necessary.
(6).....There are no programs that can scan image files for recurring geometries and other important features as the complexities involved
with visual interpretation and intelligence are the most difficult to program.I have been a programmer myself for many years and I
can say straight away this would be a hugely complex piece of software to design but would be possible but very expensive in time and money
which could only be done by a large business or administration with the spirit
of discovery engaged, sadly this is missing currently other than those undertakings that the limited resources of great foundations like NASA and ESA will allow, plus I suspect that a great deal of scepticism resides in the hallowed halls of contemporary extra-terrestrial sciences...
(7).....There are over 10,000 files in the MOR database and this does not represent the whole surface of Mars which still has not been examined completely (approx <10% has been closely scanned into datasets)and the image in this article that is the featured squares of Mars represents only less then one percent of one file so this really is a one in a million chance finding.

There is not and never will be one well known scientist that simply rubber stamped what was already known, accepted and understood as every single famous scientist made a new discovery and to borrow from a great quote from a well known classic sc-fi film, the day the Earth stood still, "Great science and scientists are not built on faith but on curiosity and perseverance"

Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (July 17, 2014, 07:51AM )

    This area would make a fantastic landing site for a future rover as it is realivly flat but has many interesting changes in surface type that all will give clues as to Hellas Planitas forces of change throughout an ancient epoch.The possibilty of greater or the greatest discovery and also in climbing one of the islands or rocky outcrops an amazing view of the squares of Mars would make the picture of a life time.

  2. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (April 22, 2014, 07:26AM )

    To the untrained eye some have passed off this evidence as simply a naturally created feature but considering vast arrays of marked out strips of soccer pitch sized fields with complex border and corner design in an area called the banded terrain which has the appearance of pulled toffee well may I say you have a much greater imagination than I !

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