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Gale Lake fossilised Martian creatures by Gary Proffitt

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Taken by
Gary Proffitt Gary Proffitt
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0.11 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 09, 2014
Date taken
Apr 09, 2014
astrophotography, experimental, forensic, geology, landscape, nature

linked to my latest video "Ancient farmers of Mars" youtu.be/PKNiJnIDamQ Will open in a new tab or window and image is a
processed highlighted sample from this image link
Nasa announced early on the in Curiosity Rover surface exploration stage that is was about to make an historic announcement concerning Gale crater and it was this announcement that first drew me to the current rover mission and the greater study of the imagery sent back in the hope of spotting signs of life that will create
a better productivity of Mars missions for the advancement of science, technology and space exploration.
NASA later cancelled its moment of great historical importance and brought out another
statement much later that was so unhistorical it barely springs to mind but I think it was proof of clear water on Mars once which was already known by studying ancient river tracks and other relief indications.
So yet again we have NASA landing a major science experiment platform on Mars as was the first Viking lander, and a retraction from a possible historic moment!
To add to this mystery by NASA we also have the strange fact that many NASA images retrieved from curiosities mast cam which is a fine instrument by any standards, return very poorly balanced shots and have a very noticeable maggoting effect which should not be so apparent if it was caused by compression as to distort many outlines and details.
To deepen the mystery even further when NASA
released the billion pixel image we had a paradox to contend with as firstly we could see that the 2,500,000,000 US dollars spent on the mission could deliver amazing panoramic images of interesting places like Yellowknife bay and Mount sharp but on the other hand we could see that alot in the images didn't look like anything seen in a normal panoramic from Earth.
The problems were quite severe so I will list them clearly so that we can "Clarify" the survey of photographic process anomalies.
1.....Many small sections were defocused and this was intentional as the strips were too small to be separate images and were randomly placed.
2.....Some areas were poorly lighted and could of been much better had the rover taken more of the scenery in separately sections over more days if memory and bandwidth issues were the problem.
3.....Huge areas if not all the area was heavily desaturated making it very difficult to define shades and colours.
4.....Mount sharp was poorly represented and yet certain sections were perfectly ok though this could of been because of being shrouded in mist which is a seasonal phenomena of Mt Sharp and of great interest if it were only ever mentioned to us as interesting by NASA and its over 500 scientists working on the mission!
Summary and article focus.
Here I have done the opposite of what has been done in the Billion pixel image as I have observed interesting geometries in a badly desaturated section and after freehand lassoing the interesting row of what must be fossilised creatures from the poor image, I have colour ranged this as a separate object to highlight it from the terrible state of the background to show not only many things that are in this image but also that many things are intentionally obscured, defocused, heavily grained and poorly lit when a completely different image of Mars is underneath and I conclude that NASA knows there is probably evidence of past life on Mars in terrain that the rover cant reach but it fears making the historical announcement because of other missions to Mars by other nations coming up soon, because of the lack of funding it may be pipped to the post.
P.S.I posted a message on a well known American
news paper to announce by latest video called
"Ancient farmers of Mars" with a link (youtu.be/PKNiJnIDamQ Will open in a new tab or window) but the moderator deleted the post and bear in mind it was on an article page relating to the recent curiosity images of a meteor strike or geyser going into "flash".Then after posting readers to just google it I was barraged by someone who said that I had no right to declare science discoveries as it was not on any scientific publication and I was not well educated enough to be taken seriously and this is the mindset of alot of sciences in the world that associate into special clubs that only praise the status qua and each other and usually in line with the opinion of state sponsorship big wigs.
Well heres my message to them "Science", discovery, opinions and shared knowledge belongs to the people and is not simply for one group and so welcome to the world of the Internet and average men and women actually making a difference and spending huge amounts of time and effort in doing so and I and many will not simply give up just because we don't have enough letters after our name as we believe in what we do and its contribution to the world.

Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (April 10, 2014, 08:47AM )

    My son is only five and I have not talked to him about this image so I asked him what can you see, he said "animals",I replied and where are they, he said there(centre of three) and I said where else, he said "that one and that one".Now I know you could say only a five year old would say this but it seems a five year old can do a better job than the 500 scientists working for NASA who can see only Theories, numbers and the Mexican waves within scientific circles and not geometries in optical planetary data.

  2. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (April 10, 2014, 12:09AM )

    If there is anything living or dead at gale crater at more than 1o metres range could you please wave vigorously so curiosity can see you.

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