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Cartagena by Glen David Short

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Glen David Short Glen David Short
Explore score
1.22 Gigapixels
Date added
Mar 19, 2014
Date taken
Mar 17, 2014

Taken with a Pentax K-r on 17th March 2014, from the University of Cartagena Tower, bracketed images exposure-fused in Photomatix. View of the platform from where this panorama was taken, click here gigapan.com/gigapans/147874/snapshots/386654

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Stitcher Notes


GigaPan Stitch.Efx version 2.3.0307 (Windows)
Panorama size: 1220 megapixels (94168 x 12964 pixels)
Input images: 216 (36 columns by 6 rows)
Field of view: 225.0 degrees wide by 31.0 degrees high (top=5.0, bottom=-26.0)
Vignette correction on: c1=-0.00784 c2=-0.00465
Use larger blending region
Use BRISK feature detector
Original image properties:
Camera make: PENTAX
Camera model: PENTAX K-r
Image size: 3931x2679, 4120x2675, 4152x2832, 4157x2772, 4188x2757, 4190x2751, 4224x2677, 4231x2783, 4238x2822, 4241x2707, 4245x2812, 4248x2808, 4249x2808, 4256x2796, 4261x2812, 4261x2837, 4262x2733, 4262x2815, 4266x2820, 4269x2793, 4269x2831, 4271x2751, 4272x2784, 4273x2821, 4274x2810, 4276x2822, 4277x2722, 4277x2799, 4277x2833, 4278x2803, 4278x2818, 4280x2822, 4281x2795, 4281x2804, 4281x2832, 4282x2828, 4283x2841, 4284x2764, 4284x2774, 4284x2799, 4284x2835, 4285x2743, 4285x2799, 4285x2819, 4285x2835, 4286x2803, 4286x2831, 4286x2845, 4287x2851, 4287x2852, 4288x2817, 4288x2849, 4289x2857, 4290x2783, 4290x2791, 4290x2797, 4290x2800, 4290x2845, 4290x2847, 4290x2848, 4291x2754, 4291x2763, 4291x2780, 4291x2786, 4291x2802, 4291x2824, 4291x2826, 4292x2798, 4292x2806, 4292x2808, 4292x2820, 4292x2827, 4292x2835, 4292x2849, 4292x2851, 4292x2855, 4293x2694, 4293x2725, 4293x2765, 4293x2801, 4293x2813, 4293x2819, 4293x2820, 4293x2824, 4293x2828, 4293x2839, 4293x2845, 4293x2851, 4294x2763, 4294x2811, 4294x2819, 4294x2826, 4294x2830, 4294x2834, 4294x2835, 4294x2838, 4294x2845, 4294x2848, 4294x2849, 4294x2857, 4295x2824, 4295x2827, 4295x2855, 4296x2792, 4296x2801, 4296x2803, 4296x2819, 4296x2820, 4296x2833, 4296x2845, 4297x2782, 4297x2788, 4297x2799, 4297x2805, 4297x2809, 4297x2817, 4297x2825, 4297x2826, 4297x2827, 4297x2832, 4297x2839, 4297x2842, 4297x2843, 4297x2850, 4297x2855, 4298x2800, 4298x2814, 4298x2820, 4298x2846, 4298x2853, 4298x2854, 4298x2856, 4299x2754, 4299x2789, 4299x2801, 4299x2808, 4299x2818, 4299x2819, 4299x2832, 4299x2833, 4299x2845, 4299x2859, 4299x2860, 4299x2863, 4300x2787, 4300x2807, 4300x2820, 4300x2824, 4300x2826, 4300x2841, 4300x2842, 4300x2849, 4300x2852, 4300x2858, 4300x2859, 4301x2786, 4301x2795, 4301x2798, 4301x2816, 4301x2819, 4301x2821, 4301x2825, 4301x2828, 4301x2842, 4301x2850, 4301x2851, 4301x2861, 4302x2801, 4302x2816, 4302x2822, 4302x2825, 4302x2834, 4302x2836, 4302x2843, 4302x2851, 4302x2853, 4302x2857, 4303x2792, 4303x2829, 4303x2831, 4303x2838, 4303x2840, 4303x2841, 4303x2855, 4303x2859, 4304x2808, 4304x2811, 4304x2819, 4304x2836, 4304x2844, 4304x2849, 4304x2858, 4305x2837, 4305x2849, 4305x2853, 4306x2828, 4306x2835, 4306x2851, 4306x2854, 4306x2856, 4307x2831, 4309x2868 (10.5 megapixels - 12.4 megapixels)
Capture time: 2014-03-17 12:51:13 - 2014-03-17 13:20:08
Aperture: f/0
Exposure time: 0.001 - 0.004
ISO: 400
Focal length (35mm equiv.): 199.0 mm
White balance: Fixed
Exposure mode: Auto bracketed
Horizontal overlap: 36.8 to 45.3 percent
Vertical overlap: 18.4 to 39.6 percent
Computer stats: 8077.79 MB RAM, 4 CPUs
Total time 40:38 (11 seconds per picture)
Alignment: 7:13, Projection: 13:20, Blending: 20:05
(Preview finished in 26:10)
Color Adjustments:
black: 6.3
temperature: -16
tint: -5
saturation: 1.10

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