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East Window by CovenantCollege

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CovenantCollege CovenantCollege
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8.69 Gigapixels
Date added
Sep 05, 2013
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The Final Supper of the Lamb
The sixth and final panel in this window is a glorious picture of the age to come when the Lord shall be joined with all His people in the New Jerusalem. Here He stands with a broken piece of bread in each hand, welcoming His people from all history to the final supper of the Lamb. They stand about His throne, worshipping. This scene also includes representations of the Tree of Life, the River of Life, the throne of God around which are gathered His children, and, at the top of the tops of the buildings which help make up the city. Just over Christ’s head appear the Greek letters, Alpha and Omega, beginning and the symbolic of the Lord’s eternal nature.
The Great Commission
The next panel is introduced by the appearance at lower right, of the resurrected Christ to His disciple, Thomas. The prevailing scene here is a picture of the ascended Lord, standing atop the globe commanding His people to make disciples, baptize and In both scenes, Christ displays scars in his hands and left foot. On either side of him are crowds of men and women dispersing to obey His will. All faces are away from the Master as He commissions them. In the upper right-hand comer is a large dove, symbolic of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
Christ on the Cross
At the top of the third panel appears the word under a Menorah and a circumcision knife, elements representing Christ’s complete fulfillment of the law. This introduces us to the fourth panel in the window, a section which shows that Christ kept aspect of the Abrahamic (the Menorah, scalpel and banner of last panel); the Mosaic ceremonial and moral stipulations, (the scrolls, and tablets of stone); the wheat and grapes as forerunners of the new covenant; and bread and chalice as actual symbols of the new covenant. The center of this panel is dominated by the crucified Messiah; encircling Him are scenes of (from left to right) and Joseph looking at the baby Jesus; His meeting with Nicodemus; His post-Resurrection appearance; and His baptism by John the Baptist. Christ’s face is blank in all portrayals, thus discouraging any tendency by the viewer to consider the figures images of Christ.
David and the Prophets
Panel three is centered around the Davidic covenant. Here David, the singer of Israel,” is shown playing his harp while surrounding him are sheep, and, to his the words of Psalm 2:8, the parity covenant between God the Father and God the Son. Also seen in this section are three great prophets, Ezekiel (shown with a representation of his vision of the heavenly Jerusalem), Jeremiah (who is contemplating the figure of a hand inscribing God’s law on a heart), and Isaiah who, with prophetic envisions the nativity scene of Christ. The band of green light circling the infant Jesus comes from Isaiah’s eyes. Especially conspicuous in this portion of the window is the band of white glass which represents the thread of the covenants between God and His people, the theme which ties all the panels together.
Abraham and Moses
God has not left Adam and Eve in despair. Panel two begins, in the lower left-hand comer, with the protoevangel, the promise of the coming deliverer who will crush the serpent’s head with his heel. This section of the window also contains several allusions to God’s covenant promises. Dominating the panel are two major figures from the Old Testament, Abraham and Moses. Abraham gazes into the heavens at the stars, reference to God’s promise that his offspring shall be innumerable. Moses is shown with the two tables of the law, stipulations for the covenant. Surrounding these men we see, from lower right, Noah’s Ark with the covenantal rainbow around it, the parting of the Red Sea, the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of God’s presence with the Israelites, and the smoking pot, reference to the covenant-sealing ceremony between God and His people.
The bottom panel of the Covenant of Life window is a vivid portrayal of the Creation and of God’s interaction with the first family on earth: Adam and Eve and their children. This panel follows the biblical narrative of the origin of life: counterclockwise from lower right we see plants, the sun, winged creatures, the moon and stars, more plants, and, finally, beasts of both land and sea. Here, too, are the first references to the fall of man. In the upper right-hand comer are two altars. On one of them fire consumes the sacrifice while the other is left untouched. This is a depiction of the sacrifices of Abel and Cain. Adam and Eve, shown in the lower portion of the panel in an attitude of worship, appear in the upper left comer bent over with shame as they are driven out of the Garden.

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