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HDR Alm GigaPan 1003 by Nischi

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Nischi Nischi
Explore score
5.83 Gigapixels
Date added
Jul 30, 2012
Date taken
Jul 28, 2012

HDR Alm GigaPan 1003
Problem Einzel-HDRs

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The GigaPan EPIC Series, Purchase an GigaPan EPIC model and receive GigaPan Stitch complimentary

Where in the World is this GigaPan?

Sorry, this gigapan has no location information.

Stitcher Notes


GigaPan Stitch version 2.0.0501 (Windows)
Panorama size: 5832 megapixels (158944 x 36696 pixels)
Input images: 1003 (59 columns by 17 rows)
Field of view: 360.0 degrees wide by 83.1 degrees high (top=45.2, bottom=-37.9)
Vignette correction off
Original image properties:
Camera make: unknown
Camera model: DSC-HX5V
Image size: 2481x2736, 2494x1622, 2546x2736, 2731x2610, 3193x2001, 3239x2611, 3254x2307, 3258x2375, 3270x2611, 3281x2497, 3286x2591, 3319x2559, 3348x2644, 3363x2665, 3371x2490, 3382x2403, 3400x2339, 3407x2508, 3429x2633, 3431x2667, 3435x2410, 3437x2532, 3439x2531, 3439x2681, 3440x2317, 3445x2483, 3445x2670, 3461x2444, 3464x2606, 3483x2536, 3492x2502, 3496x2709, 3497x2637, 3502x2612, 3503x2647, 3506x2554, 3507x2720, 3512x2494, 3514x2593, 3522x2656, 3522x2660, 3523x2436, 3541x2591, 3543x2625, 3549x2697, 3556x2686, 3557x2572, 3557x2580, 3558x2553, 3559x2671, 3562x2667, 3564x2662, 3567x2700, 3568x2644, 3568x2678, 3568x2694, 3569x2658, 3570x2269, 3570x2694, 3572x2623, 3574x2661, 3575x2714, 3576x2685, 3577x2687, 3578x2713, 3579x2717, 3580x2646, 3580x2652, 3580x2707, 3581x2632, 3582x2724, 3583x2717, 3583x2734, 3588x2568, 3589x2469, 3589x2666, 3589x2696, 3591x2659, 3591x2730, 3592x2712, 3592x2720, 3593x2720, 3596x2500, 3596x2680, 3596x2708, 3597x2715, 3598x2701, 3599x2652, 3599x2720, 3600x2656, 3600x2691, 3602x2692, 3604x2652, 3606x2645, 3607x2615, 3608x2695, 3608x2725, 3609x2662, 3609x2711, 3609x2712, 3609x2727, 3610x2486, 3610x2638, 3610x2681, 3610x2684, 3610x2718, 3611x2627, 3611x2664, 3611x2686, 3611x2717, 3612x2710, 3613x2669, 3613x2718, 3614x2711, 3614x2714, 3614x2728, 3615x2687, 3615x2704, 3615x2716, 3616x2713, 3616x2716, 3617x2671, 3617x2687, 3617x2698, 3617x2715, 3618x2664, 3618x2721, 3618x2726, 3619x2698, 3619x2720, 3619x2725, 3619x2728, 3620x2713, 3620x2721, 3621x2681, 3621x2722, 3621x2731, 3622x2718, 3622x2730, 3623x2713, 3624x2657, 3624x2676, 3624x2704, 3624x2707, 3624x2713, 3624x2716, 3624x2719, 3624x2720, 3625x2670, 3625x2707, 3625x2708, 3625x2714, 3625x2719, 3625x2726, 3625x2727, 3625x2734, 3626x2719, 3626x2720, 3626x2722, 3626x2724, 3626x2731, 3627x2673, 3627x2707, 3627x2720, 3627x2724, 3627x2725, 3627x2730, 3627x2732, 3628x2664, 3628x2714, 3628x2715, 3628x2718, 3628x2722, 3628x2728, 3628x2730, 3629x2699, 3629x2725, 3629x2726, 3630x2692, 3630x2696, 3630x2697, 3630x2713, 3630x2718, 3630x2719, 3630x2728, 3630x2729, 3631x2692, 3631x2712, 3631x2715, 3631x2717, 3631x2726, 3631x2729, 3631x2730, 3632x2707, 3632x2715, 3632x2716, 3632x2726, 3632x2732, 3633x2690, 3633x2700, 3633x2703, 3633x2709, 3633x2711, 3633x2717, 3633x2723, 3633x2729, 3633x2731, 3633x2732, 3634x2712, 3634x2717, 3634x2727, 3634x2732, 3634x2733, 3634x2734, 3635x2705, 3635x2709, 3635x2723, 3635x2724, 3635x2728, 3635x2731, 3635x2732, 3635x2733, 3636x2676, 3636x2714, 3636x2715, 3636x2722, 3636x2723, 3636x2726, 3636x2728, 3636x2729, 3636x2731, 3636x2733, 3637x2705, 3637x2710, 3637x2718, 3637x2720, 3637x2721, 3637x2726, 3637x2727, 3637x2729, 3637x2730, 3637x2731, 3637x2732, 3637x2733, 3637x2734, 3638x2706, 3638x2722, 3638x2723, 3638x2724, 3638x2725, 3638x2726, 3638x2728, 3638x2730, 3638x2731, 3638x2732, 3639x2718, 3639x2719, 3639x2720, 3639x2724, 3639x2725, 3639x2727, 3639x2728, 3639x2729, 3639x2730, 3639x2731, 3639x2732, 3639x2733, 3639x2735, 3640x2719, 3640x2721, 3640x2725, 3640x2726, 3640x2728, 3640x2729, 3640x2730, 3640x2731, 3640x2732, 3640x2733, 3640x2735, 3640x2736, 3641x2692, 3641x2715, 3641x2718, 3641x2721, 3641x2722, 3641x2723, 3641x2728, 3641x2729, 3641x2731, 3641x2732, 3641x2733, 3641x2734, 3641x2735, 3642x2711, 3642x2715, 3642x2717, 3642x2724, 3642x2726, 3642x2727, 3642x2728, 3642x2729, 3642x2731, 3642x2732, 3642x2733, 3642x2734, 3642x2735, 3643x2723, 3643x2727, 3643x2728, 3643x2729, 3643x2730, 3643x2731, 3643x2732, 3643x2733, 3643x2734, 3643x2735, 3644x2705, 3644x2707, 3644x2723, 3644x2728, 3644x2729, 3644x2730, 3644x2731, 3644x2732, 3644x2733, 3644x2734, 3644x2735, 3644x2736, 3645x2701, 3645x2727, 3645x2728, 3645x2729, 3645x2730, 3645x2731, 3645x2732, 3645x2733, 3645x2734, 3645x2735, 3645x2736, 3646x2700, 3646x2713, 3646x2715, 3646x2718, 3646x2721, 3646x2723, 3646x2726, 3646x2727, 3646x2730, 3646x2731, 3646x2732, 3646x2733, 3646x2734, 3646x2735, 3646x2736, 3647x2550, 3647x2730, 3647x2731, 3647x2732, 3647x2733, 3647x2734, 3647x2735, 3647x2736, 3648x2676, 3648x2731, 3648x2732, 3648x2733, 3648x2734, 3648x2735, 3648x2736 (4.0 megapixels - 10.0 megapixels)
Capture time: 2012-07-28 13:34:52 - 2012-07-28 15:07:45
Aperture: f/13
Exposure time: unknown
ISO: 200
Focal length (35mm equiv.): unknown
White balance: unknown
Exposure mode: unknown
Horizontal overlap: 2.8 to 56.7 percent
Vertical overlap: 1.2 to 99.7 percent
Computer stats: 8079.17 MB RAM, 4 CPUs
Total time 3:48:43 (14 seconds per picture)
Alignment: 1:54:35, Projection: 39:02, Blending: 1:15:05
(Preview finished in 3:10:36)

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