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Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. j

    j (March 03, 2009, 05:42AM )

    i'd like to add in my thanks as well for taking the time to research system configurations. i'm quite fed up with waiting 2 days for my computer to stitch all the images together. this research provides great info for the majority of us who are faced with upgrading our computers to cope with task of stitching these photos. in reply to john murray, i'd say your problem is probably to do with harddisk size. a slow processor and small memory will just take longer to do, it shouldn't just fail.

  2. John Murray

    John Murray (October 11, 2008, 06:50PM )

    Giga-Thanks to Jason for the very methodical analysis! Very impressive.... I need some advice on the optimal system configuration for the largest number of images to stitch. The time for the stitching is secondary. I have not been able to stitch more than 27 images with my system. I use the Nikon D80 which produces images of 3872x2592 pixels. My system is a Windows XP SP2 1.86GHz with 1.5GB RAM (the max). Not the greatest compared to today, but does everything I need except greater than 27 image panoramas. I have tried every stitching program out there and all seem to have the same limitations, so I figure I need a new system. I am willing to invest in a new PC, but need to make sure I will be able to stitch more than 27 images. And this is where I need some advice from Jason or anyone else. My best estimate at the time is to get a 64bit motherboard with either Vista 64 or XP64. I lean to XP64. Then max it out on RAM... probably 8GB or more if I can afford it. Other than this, I am still searching for someone to advise on the system configuration to create these 1000 image panoramas I see here on gigapan. Also, wondering if anyone has been able to modify the Gigapan Beta unit for the Nikon D80? Any help would be much appreciated. Again giga-thanks to Jason's hard work! John Murray jmurray6834 at yahoo.com