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Something is wrong...
Owen Iverson Owen Iverson
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i did a successful 120 photo stitch yesterday, and today i tried only an 18 photo stitch and got this:

i’m using the Epic Pro and a Canon 6D with a 400mm lens.

any thoughts? is it a problem with a “portrait” oriented subject?

i kept all the settings the same on the camera and the Epic Pro, and the source images look fine.

Owen Iverson Owen Iverson
Total Posts: 3

so it appears that i’m getting closer:
here is a pan where i re-shot the above scene using all the same settings between the camera and the Epic Pro head. this time i made sure that my pan was 3 images across and only 2 images down (3 columns, 2 rows) to give me a horizontal or “landscape” orientation.

that worked fine.

so i went back and tried selecting only the first 6 ORIGINAL photos (that gave me the warped pan the first time) and tried doing the same 3 columns and 2 rows with those images and i got this:

now i’m wondering if the Epic Pro writes some kind of data to each file that is then read by the stitch software…anyone have any ideas about that??

David Pivin David Pivin
Total Posts: 41

The stitch software, up-to and including the latest release have an issue with repetitive features like windows on skyscrapers. I have experienced this many times over the years. Note the building on the right side of this pano: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/33560 Note that the scrunching pulls down the top margin.

I had to split a scan of downtown skyline of San Diego because it could not handle it without severe warping. http://gigapan.com/gigapans/127336 The building on the right edge had to be cut off for the stitch to work. Those in the center had no problem because there was not the same horizontal repetition. The right hand side beyond that building is in http://gigapan.com/gigapans/127336. I was able to stitch the San Diego Skyline successfully in AutoPano.

In your case you could only solve this by dropping back to a shorter lens so that there would not be an ambiguous overlap of repeating windows.

BTW, the Epic Pro does not write anything on your camera’s files.


Owen Iverson Owen Iverson
Total Posts: 3

thanks for the reply, David. i get the windows could be confusing. and i can work around that. however, it does seem to be problem if you have more rows than you do columns (or that you’re creating a vertical pan rather than a horizontal pan).

i’m going to do some more tests today, but my early findings seemed to confirm that a 3 column x 2 row pan worked fine, but a 2 column x 3 row using the same images did not. so i think the stitching algorithm is fine, but i think there’s an assumption of a landscape/horizontal layout that end up tripping it up somewhere.

Forums» Stitch » Something is wrong...