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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » Meaning of Epic 100 blinking battery icon

Meaning of Epic 100 blinking battery icon
William Nicholls William Nicholl...
Total Posts: 9

I’m not finding information in the manual on the meaning of a blinking battery icon while shooting a stitch series. I assumed it was to warn me of low batteries, but I installed a fresh set and got the blinking indicator. I find the Epic 100’s menu and display relatively intuitive aside from this (the other exception is that it’s hard to turn off the robot when it’s finished with a pano series).

William Nicholls William Nicholl...
Total Posts: 9

Wow. I figured this was a simple question that would get a quick answer.

Thump, thump, thump…is this thing on?

John Opie John Opie
Total Posts: 25

Hi -

I also own the Epic 100. I found that you need to be extremely careful with battery sets: if you have one bad battery (or one that fails to hold a charge well) in the battery set, you’ll end up with very poor battery performance. Hence: check you battery sets frequently with a voltmeter to ensure that they are within a fairly narrow range of voltage over the 6 batteries. Having one more than about 20% off will impact overall performance.

After spending lots of money on high-capacity but fairly flaky batteries, I switched to the Sanyo Eneloop batteries and have had by far the fewest problems with these…

Hope this helps!

Tim Smith Tim Smith
Total Posts: 8

I see the same thing on my Epic 100. I use a matched set rated at 2500 mah (profiled with my Maha smart charget). Withing the first 10 shots or so I get a flashing icon as well….but went on to shoot two pans for a total of 700 shots. Perhaps the voltage threshold for the alarm is set too low in the firmware.

Customer Service Customer Servic...
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William, our apologies for missing your post earlier. I want to add that the battery brand John O mentions is the same brand we recommend for the Epic and Epic 100 models. They do seem to perform quite well in most environments.

William Nicholls William Nicholl...
Total Posts: 9

Thanks everyone. I kinda gave up on these forums back when I posted several questions and heard nothing but crickets. I’m using Eneloop batteries, so I suspect that the blinking doesn’t tell me anything useful as Tim suggests. I’ll check my cells, but I use a high end charger that conditions cells and gives me a charged capacity value for each. It sounds like I should do a dry run to get a ballpark idea of how many shots I can get on a set of cells and then try to keep count in the field. Battery indicators are rarely accurate, but usually better than this. I’m still surprised I can’t find the indication in the manual.

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » Meaning of Epic 100 blinking battery icon