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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » # pictures w/ fully charged Epic Pro

# pictures w/ fully charged Epic Pro
Ken  Not Ken Not
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About how many pictures can be taken with the Epic Pro with 1 battery charge?

I realize this can vary depending on several factors, but I’d like to get an idea of the size (in terms of # of pics) of a gigapan that can be taken on a single battery charge.

If people could post the max that they have gotten (and what camera equipment they used), that would be helpful.


Kevin Kevin
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  1. of pictures depends on the settings of the EPIC Pro (motor speed, motors rigid) as well as how often you’re pausing or changing settings. When shooting in normal conditions with a Nikon D700 and 300mm F4 and motors set to rigid (due to weight) I can get about 600-750 shots off of one charge.
John Opie John Opie
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Hi -

I haven’t had the need to change the battery mid-stream even once for the largest gigapans I have done: that’s about 1600 images, using an Olympus E30 with a EnjoyYourCamera battery pack with 2 batteries inside (freshly charged, of course), the 70-300 digital Zuiko lens and the Epic Pro. While I used a 32GB CF card, it could have fit (with around 10 exposures to spare) on a 16GB card…

The strong battery life is the reason I got the Epic Pro after having used the first version of the Epic 100 (and before then the beta test unit that turned into the Epic). With the Epic 100, I got only around 500-700 pictures for the best set of AA NiMh batteries I could find (2700 mAH) at the time, and that limited me more than I wanted.

Stopping when the batteries died and swapping a new set in was always a hassle as well, as I had to schlepp no less than 5 sets of batteries to handle a normal day’s worth of shooting. I acquired a 12-cell charger to help with recharging at night, but it was starting to be a logistical nightmare with matching battery sets, making sure that they were charged, and weeding out sub-standard batteries (since the take the entire set down with them).

That said, Kevin is right: depends on how much weight is being moved. The E30+70-300 is fairly light; I did notice that the E30+600 f8 mirror lens, which is about 40% heavier than the E30+70-300, did run down the battery a tad faster…which is why I have two of them. :-)

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » # pictures w/ fully charged Epic Pro