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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

Do the GigaPan imagers have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (TCPIP) connectivity?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

The GigaPan imagers do not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity at this time, but it is a possibility for the future. Any and all updates will be mentioned on our website at http://www.gigapan.com

Tim Brown Tim Brown
Total Posts: 54

Probably your best bet would be to use an eye-fi card (http://www.eye.fi/) or to get one of those expensive wireless transfer setups for your camera. Eye-fi now has a free smartphone app so you can stream images from your camera straight to your phone (or over 4g on your phone, straight home to your computer or server), but judging from the numerous complaints on their forums I wouldn’t count on it actually working.

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?