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bo gyllander bo gyllander
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I find it difficult to adjust my lenses to hit the nodal point. Are there any tips for Canon cameras and the lenses.
I have a 1dsMklll and I wonder if the camera is to high for my Epic Pro.
Would be great whith a tabell/columns for different combinations, camera-lens.

David Pivin David Pivin
Total Posts: 40


There will not be any parallax issues with long telephotos and you can ignore it, opting for a mechanical balance, front to back. This is easier on the mechanism. A bigger problem is dealing with focus range outdoors when there are near objects. Shooting with 100mm or less will have some parallax, but you won’t get as detailed a shot and isn’t really what GigaPan was designed for. I use Canon T2i with 75-300 zoom set to max and f/11 to f/16. Carefully choose your focus and f/stop combination to get the hyperfocal distance or DOF to include all the objects of interest.

bo gyllander bo gyllander
Total Posts: 11

ThankĀ“s for your answer. Your gigapans are fantastic. Can I ask a beginners question. Do you sharpen all the files before you stich them?

David Pivin David Pivin
Total Posts: 40

You should have some kind of batch processor to sharpen or exposure-correct the full set of pictures. I manage with the Mac’s iPhoto and a batch utility called iPhoto Batch Enhancer. There should be the same utilities when managing photos on Windows.

Most of the time, if I have managed the focus properly, there is no need to sharpen, but have used an increase in contrast or a tweak to dynamic range with shadow compensation or highlight adjustment. HDR is a good way to deal with the extremes of light/dark in a scene, but requires a lot of work to fix.

Good luck.


John Harrison John Harrison
Total Posts: 1

Thanks for posting that reply. I had a similar question and that got it!

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » parallax