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This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » Memberships » Print and service fail

Print and service fail
Douglas Robertson Douglas Roberts...
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RE: Case # 17489 Created: Serviceā€

From: Douglas Robertson (citizendoug@hotmail.com)
Sent: Sat 10/26/13 9:26 PM
To: Gigapan Inc. (cases.926193.19312_incoming_112407.17a435a4ae@c…)
So no response on this ticket yet. The problem is that once, when I started this process, “Buy a Print” buttons were obviously displayed. They are not now visible. When I log on, there appears a ‘buy a print’ tab with the edit tabs at the bottom. I recently found the pricing section in the membership section of the site, and I can apparently post a link to that page, but there is no obvious way to direct the visitor to my profile or gallery to the purchase page via a labeled hot button. This is also true on the print gallery page. Other gigapans have a buy a print button. My gigapans do not.

Is there something wrong here or what? Please respond.

Douglas Robertson


Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 19:50:45 -0700
From: customerservice@gigapan.com
To: citizendoug@hotmail.com
Subject: Case # 17489 Created: Service

Thank you for contacting Gigapan Inc. Customer Support.
Your request for assistance has been received. Case #17489 – “Service” has been created for you. A member of our customer care team will respond to your case as soon as possible.

Click here to update the Case online, or reply to this e-mail

Message History I would like to know why people are not able to buy my prints. I am paying for this membership service service. I have mailed my tax documents. I have applied via your revenue sharing agreement. I am advertising this ability. There has been no contact regarding revenue sharing. There has been no information about setting prices. My panos are appearing on your print gallery page. Please contact me immediately with information to resolve this issue. Douglas Robertson

Forums» Memberships » Print and service fail