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Forums » Third-Party Stitchers » Autopano giga 3 colour correction

Autopano giga 3 colour correction
Alan_Whyte Alan_Whyte
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Although autopano giga has a manual it does not go into its colour correction in much depth. Does anyone know of a site or video that shows how to use this feature properly, I have seen many panos on this site where people are getting the stitching right with this program so it must be possible, I would very much appreciate a push in the right direction .

Frank Johnston - whatpics.co.uk Frank Johnston ...
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Hi – http://www.kolor.com/image-stitching-software-a… is a basic keypoint over view of all autopano giga’s functions.

Personally I process images in Lightroom first. Adjusting light/colour balances, lens correction and sharpening etc and export images at 300 dpi jpeg. I then render a low res (29999 pix max) jpeg in autopano to review on my computer so I can check for stitching errors and overall colour/light. If you have the processing power you can render full res pano as a psb file (without layers) and correct in Photoshop. This can then be uploaded.

I noticed that you have vignetting where your pictures overlap. Try increasing the overlap on your Gigapan unit (I use 25%) to stop this. Obviously this will increase the amount of images taken to create pano.

Tip. make sure you save autopano preview file so it’s easy/quick to return and make stitching correcetions.

I’m still experimenting myself but I hope this is helpful.

Sarah White Sarah White
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I have ever used an imaging SDK which supports color correction. There are many elements of image color that can be adjusted with this image processing SDK. One element of color adjustment that is available in many graphics programs is color balance.


Forums» Third-Party Stitchers » Autopano giga 3 colour correction