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Forums » General Gigapanning » Godzilla size gigapixel

Godzilla size gigapixel
Danny Nuñez Danny Nuñez
Total Posts: 2


I have a big gigapixel of about 1000 pics.

How can I do to manage it?

The tiff file format only allows 2 gb maximun. So ?

What can I do if I want to correct mistakes in the photo?

Can you please give information about RAW format?

What is my best option?


Phil Hotten Phil Hotten
Total Posts: 21

I usually export them to RAW. This is Photoshop RAW. Take note of the popup when saving the photo as it contains all the info needed to reopen it in Photoshop.

Also get a computer with lots of horse power and memory, put Photoshops scratch disk on a seperate disk.

Danny Nuñez Danny Nuñez
Total Posts: 2

Thaks Phil

Just a couple of questions:

1) So when you take the pictures you save them to RAW in your camera?

2) What’s photoshop scratch disk?

3) Is the final RAW file too heavy?


Phil Hotten Phil Hotten
Total Posts: 21

Danny. You can shoot in RAW on the camera but before putting the pics into the stitcher you have to save each one as a jpg or tiff.
Once stitched use the “export to…RAW” option in the stitcher menu (File→Export To→ RAW)

The scratch disk is where Photoshop puts all its temp files while working with an image. I have had some images with over 100GB of temp files which have filled up my c:\ drive (assuming you are using a PC). This causes Photoshop to not be able to process the file any further and you lose all your edits. This is a major annoyance. If you are using Photoshop for windows click on either file or edit go down to preferences and I believe the setting is listed under performance or something like that. My Photoshop computer is not here right now so I am sort of guessing. You can get a cheapish 1TB external drive for about $100.00

The final file is HUGE !! some of mine have been in the 50GB range.

It is fun to do so is worth the effort

Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Total Posts: 49

To add to Phil’s posting, when you save the pano in RAW, Stitcher puts the size of the image in pixels as part of the filename (“sample10345x54321.raw”). Make a note of it. Use Photoshop to open the file. You will need to enter the width and height in pixels, that it has 3 channels and no header. The image will be huge and it will slow down your system, but Photoshop will let you edit it. Layers, cloning and tonal controls all work. When you’re done, flatten all layers and re-save the image. It will take several minutes to save. You cannot open the RAW image in Stitch but the free Gigapan Upload <http://gigapan.org/cms/create-upload> will do it. There is no limit on the size of RAW image you can upload.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Godzilla size gigapixel