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Forums » General Gigapanning » Epic 100 Remote port

Epic 100 Remote port
Roger Williams Roger Williams
Total Posts: 1

I read in the manual and in the forum about the remote port option, but I am confused. I have the Canon E3 remote, but I cannot find the port on the Epic 100.

is the way it works the following?

plug the remote into the camera, then when you depress the remote, the Epic will drive the shutter for all of the other images?

Thanks in advance.


Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Total Posts: 44

You need a special cord that GigaPan sells. It replaces the short cord you see above the battery in the left-hand detail picture here:
Gently unplug the cord and remove the button-pusher mechanism. Plug the appropriate ends of the new cord into the GP and your Canon. In the Options menu, there’s an option to use the remote instead of the button-pusher. That’s it!

Forums» General Gigapanning » Epic 100 Remote port