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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » General Gigapanning » Remote triggering of Gigapan Epic Pro

Remote triggering of Gigapan Epic Pro
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Hi everyone,

Need some help on remote triggering a Gigapan Epic Pro. We have connected both an original Canon E6-type trigger and a 3rd party trigger with the E6 connector, and still we cannot remotely start the Gigapan unit to capture a panorama.

1. Connect E6 trigger to Gigapan 2.5mm socket labelled “Remote”
2. Under Gigapan’s menu, set to “Trigger Sel > External”
3. Set up a panorama.
4. At the “Start Panorama” trigger, we tried pressing the remote trigger.

No go. Does anyone have the exact steps to use an E6 trigger to start the Gigapan capture process? Thanks!

Michael Long Michael Long
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I work for Gigapan in engineering. I’d love to help you answer your forum question.

First off, what version of firmware do you have?

Next, here are some instructions on using the remote trigger function:
Navigating through through the \Options\Start Del/trig\
Set to Ext Trigger.
Press OK.

Setup your panorama as usual. After going through the normal checklist a screen should appear that says “Waiting for external trigger.” Can you confirm you see this screen?

At this point pressing the shutter release button on an E3 style remote(similar to this one http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004WCID) connected to the REMOTE port will send a signal to the EPIC Pro, which will then start taking the Panorama. This style of remote has a half press for focus and a full press for shutter. Triggering the Pro needs to be a full press to the remote, not a half press.

There might be an issue with your remote trigger. Can you send me a link to the one you purchased? If it is DIY you have to make a connection between pins 1(tip) and 3(base) of a 2.5mm connector.


360 Snapshots 360 Snapshots
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Oh… so you wait till the end of the checklist for the trigger prompt? Lol, our bad, we assumed it was not working from the get go. Will try tomorrow and let you know.

Tim Brown Tim Brown
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Good topic.

So can you turn the epic pro on remotely now? Is there a way to have it turn on once power has been lost (ie power cycle it)- or does it turn on automatically if it was on when the power was removed (for any unattended installation the gigapan will need to be able to recover from power loss).

Customer Service Customer Servic...
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At this time the Epic Pro requires a manual press of the power button after a power failure.

Bart Tecter Bart Tecter
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I am having the same problem but perhaps I have misunderstood. When you press the remote it starts the process of taking the panorama but does not trigger the shutter for each individual photo?

Is there any way (aside from disconnecting the camera’s shutter release from the gigapan pro) to have the remote simple release the shutter for each photo and then have the system advance to the next image? This is what I am looking to do so that I can check focus for each image and then release the shutter without touching the gigapan pro or camera and possibly introducing vibration

Forums» General Gigapanning » Remote triggering of Gigapan Epic Pro