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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Several problems
Thomas Suurland Thomas Suurland
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I just got my Epic pro which I’ll try to use to shoot spherical timelapse but I got a few problems.

1. When ever the camera (5d mkII) is triggered it always takes two photos when the shutter on the camera is 1/6 or faster, which it would be almost everytime. (“Mult Picture” is set to 1, so that’s not the reason)

2. I’m testing with a fisheye, and is only take three shots in a full 360 rotaions, but with timelapse it doesn’t take the photo at the exact same spot, so instead of a stationary timelapse it will end up looking like it’s panning. like a full rotation is 360,1 degress and not 360. This is quite a big issue!

3. When doing 360 panos I start by picking the top position and then the bottom position, if the top is shooting straight up and the bottom is lower, then it will take the same amount of photos at the top as at the bottom, and as it’s pointing straight up I’ll get several shots of exactly the same just with different rotation, one shot straight would be enough, so are the way so the number of shot per row isn’t the same for all angles?

4. is it normal that the clamp is extremely hard to mount on the gigapan, I have to push down the small chrome cyllinder in order to close the clamp, but pusing the cyllinder down is VERY hard, can easily take me 5 minutes just to mount the camera.

Hope anyone can help with the above


Customer Service Customer Servic...
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Hi Thomas,

We received your technical support case, so look for our reply there. Thanks.

Leonardo Fuica Babogredac Leonardo Fuica ...
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Forums» General Gigapanning » Several problems