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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » General Gigapanning » Enter FOV directly?

Enter FOV directly?
Patrick P Patrick P
Total Posts: 4

Is there a way to enter the FOV in the setup without having to move the camera? When using a wide angle, when you already know the FOV of your lens, why do you have to waste more than 30s to move the camera around instead of entering the number directly in the epic pro? Also, sometimes, I can’t raise the camera high enough to reach the maximum FOV for this menu due to the position of the camera (long arm and arca swiss bracket then touch the bottom of the epic pro).

Or another way, would be to be able to save multiple basic settings (one for each lens/camera combo) that we can recall from the menu by their name.

Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Total Posts: 49

There’s no keypad so entering a FOV directly would still be difficult. Since it’s not something most users need to do often I suspect it’s a low priority for the development team.

John Opie John Opie
Total Posts: 25

Me, I’d like to have a number of lenses remembered by the unit. Switching between lenses and forgetting to reset the FOV is my most common error…

Patrick P Patrick P
Total Posts: 4

no need for keypad when you can enter change each digit with +-.

As i wrote before, having different setup in memory would allow to save specific configuration easy to recall.

Planet Vision Planet Vision
Total Posts: 7

Entering a FOV directly would also be beneficial when attempting to reduce the amount of overlap between exposures. Even with 25%, there is significant loss with multi-row images. If I have a static subject and I calibrate my lens pupil properly and the Gigapan is working as it should, I should be able to reduce the overlap considerably and still get a good stitch. We’ve all done it using manual capture methods and other stitchers and it’s worked out fine. I see some stitches with very low overlaps and perhaps they were not shot with a Gigapan unit. I’m going to try and cheat when setting up the lens – i.e. making the unit think I have a larger fov than I do to reduce the overlap losses.

Is anyone else thinking about doing this or has done it?

Perhaps you could play with the aspect ratio also but I haven’t thought that one through yet.

With regard to forgetting to set the lens, adding a reminder before taking the pano would cure that problem. I still leave my prepano questions on to remind me. I can’t see it being that difficult to add one more to that list of four?

Phil Hotten Phil Hotten
Total Posts: 21

I think the ability to save, say, 10 named setups would be awesome.

MediaPila MediaPila
Total Posts: 30

Will be great save the FOV in the memory of the gigapan epic pro. Or design any keyboard like Skywatcher MERLIN GOTO.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Enter FOV directly?