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Forums » General Gigapanning » where to buy gigapixel photos

where to buy gigapixel photos
Tomasz Janczak Tomasz Janczak
Total Posts: 1

I’m looking for some high resolution skyline photo for wallpaper in my home. All stocks offers images up to 20-30Mpix. I’m afraid it’s not enough for a wall 3×2,5 meters.
Is it possible to buy or download a gigapan?
I’d like to have something like this:

Regards, Tomek

Uri Fans Uri Fans
Total Posts: 21

Might be interesting to find one like that. It’s obviously an HDR image. I toying with the idea of HDR GigaPans, but that will require a huge number of shots, and a lot of time per image.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

Try magicmurals.com

Forums» General Gigapanning » where to buy gigapixel photos