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Forums » General Gigapanning » How long does it take?

How long does it take?
Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

How long does it take to shoot a GigaPan?

Kevin Kevin
Total Posts: 91

The speed to finish taking a set of images is variable and will depend on your own camera settings and how quickly they will write to your memory card. If you´re taking a panorama with fixed focus and fast shutter, you can capture over 20 pictures per minute. Indoor or night-time shots require longer shutter times and can take longer. Using the 2-second camera delay allows the GigaPan Imager and tripod to settle before each picture.

bkaylor bkaylor
Total Posts: 29

Even taking a grid of photos by hand, you can take 50-150 photos in a short time.

I’ve stopped on streetcorners and left 5 minutes later with a 90 picture pan ready for processing. 20 minutes for a 160 picture grid by hand, and a GigaPan head would be way faster.

Hey Kevin, you talking to yourself? =P

John Opie John Opie
Total Posts: 25

Well, it also depends on lighting. Obviously a night-time view won’t go quite so quickly (duh), and if you are aiming for the best sharpness, you need to dial in a short pause between photos. For anything under 1/30th of a second, I use a .5 sec pause between pictures to allow vibrations to dampen, and for a 5 sec exposure I use a full second between pictures so that any residual vibrations after the head moves are dampened out completely…

Forums» General Gigapanning » How long does it take?